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Dare to Go Beyond the Status Quo!

Change is difficult especially in business, when changing typically means leaving the comfort of the known. However, growth requires change!

Status Quo (n.)
The existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues.

Status Quo is how things are and, at times, might be how they’ve always been. It’s a preference that things stay the same; an aversion to change within a company. It could be how employees are trained once they start or policies that have been in place since the start of a company. This aversion to change, especially in business, can be problematic because growth requires change!

Just Stand Out

In an interview with Prajakta Sontakke, an engineer at item West, she discussed about the importance of persevering without trying to conform to social standards. Sontakke says “Just go for it, and don’t try and fit in, you can just stand out.” She explained how being a female engineer in a male dominated role can be difficult at times, but this is something that she is passionate about it. “It’s going to be difficult”, Sontakke says, “but be prepared for difficult. Just because it is difficult doesn’t make it something only a guy can do.” Sontakke has used her passion for engineering as a platform to show others that conforming to social standards should not be status quo.

Change can be difficult and oftentimes intimidating especially if your co-workers or leaders are opposed to change and workplace inclusivity can be very important for salary, advancement, and work distribution.

Go For It!

This doesn’t mean that you should follow the status quo within a company for that big raise or to ensure that you aren’t upsetting your co-workers or even your boss. Change is necessary for any business especially in a world that is constantly changing. Don’t be afraid to be the person that suggests a change or a new idea. Those who refuse to stick to status quo are the ones making great discoveries, advancements, and becoming leaders. As Sontakke explained, it is going to be difficult but go for it!

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