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Form and Function: The Award-Winning Table Column Sets K

The ideal combination of form and function with the capacity for customization and mobility, learn why Table Column Sets K have received a 2023 iF DESIGN AWARD.

iF DESIGN AWARDS 2023 saw 10,544 submissions from 56 participating countries, and item Table Column Sets K has come out as an award winner in the Product Discipline, within the Industry/Tools Category.

What set apart the Table Column Sets K? The principle of manual height adjustment. Combining Table Column Sets K with struts in various lengths from the item Building Kit System creates custom work benches that can be tailored to users of different heights and a range of applications. The ergonomically-designed crank handle can be fitted to any of the table columns, making it suitable for right- and left-handed users. And, providing the opportunity for mobility, Table Column Sets K don’t need an electrical power source!

The Innovative iF DESIGN AWARDS

One of the most prestigious design awards in the world, the iF DESIGN AWARD promotes design and its social significance in the world. In the iF Final Jury, each entry is assessed by a panel of three jurors using five criteria. Along with each criteria, there are associated questions that help jury members score the entry. The average score for each criterion is calculated, and the sum of the averages determines the final score for the entry.

Let’s explore the criteria and associated questions:

The Criteria


  • What was the task?
  • Why was it relevant?
  • Why is the idea appropriate?


  • Why does it look the way it does?
  • How does it engage the target group?
  • How is it made?


  • Why can it be used with ease?
  • Why does it work well?
  • How does it serve the user?


  • Why is it new?
  • How does it support the brand?


  • What targets have been reached?
  • How does it serve society?
  • Why is it sustainable?

How Table Column Sets K meet the criteria

From form and function to the customization capabilities, explore how Table Column Sets K met each of the criteria set forth by the iF DESIGN AWARD judging panel.


Thanks to the capacity for adaptation, Table Column Sets K met the juror panel’s idea qualifications. Users can adapt work benches perfectly to the widest range of working processes, changing everything from the work bench size to accessory assortment. Thanks to the non-electrical height-adjustment system, the work bench has the added benefit of mobility. The added compatibility with the item Building Kit System creates opportunity for interlinking. Plus, the Table Column Sets K combine lightweight structure with strength. Stable under loads up to 120kg, the lightweight construction uses minimal material to create the ideal lean production system.


The juror panel determines form by considering function and emotion. In this case, Table Column Sets K feature straight lines, with clearly-defined functional parts. The crank handle features oval design elements accentuated with the color red, an inviting color known to be enticing to users.


When it comes to working with ease and serving the user, the building kit system principle enables maximum customization. Four telescopic table legs mean height is completely adjustable with the easy-running telescope function and a crank driving all telescopic columns simultaneously. Available in lightweight and heavy-duty versions, the work bench could use a variety of different table tops ideal for your specific processes.


What sets Table Column Sets K apart from other work bench supports? The customization and adjustability options. Tables can be sized to suit very specific requirements, up to a maximum of 1.8 m by 1.8m. One crank handle can be fitted to any of the table columns, whether the user(s) are right- or left-handed. Mechanical height adjustability without electricity provides for mobility with the appealing and attractive design.


How does it serve society? Particular attention was paid to both health and safety as well as environmental protection when developing Table Column Sets K – and it paid off, leading to the highest average score in this category for item. By promoting worker satisfaction, the Table Column Sets K provide an ergonomically optimized working height with adjustments for individuality and independence. More movement leads to more physical comfort and employee identification with work. Plus, the social benefits: when employees are more comfortable, they are more productive leading to efficiency. With an emissions-free operation, the materials in solutions are durable and efficient and can be dismantled or even reused in the future if needed.


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