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High-octane racing simulation – high speed with item

Aluminium in the fast lane – how know-how from Solingen and Spain is delivering virtual racing thrills.

Racing at breakneck speed through stunning countryside with a foot resting casually on the accelerator – the challenges and experiences in the everyday life of a racing driver are truly captivating. And, thanks to the ingenuity of the entertainment industry, you don’t even need a car to get an idea of what it feels like. Racing simulations are a yardstick for the latest technological advances. That was true in the days of the iconic arcade games with built-in steering wheels and it is still true today, with inventions such as virtual reality headsets continuously pushing back the boundaries of technological progress. Simtechpro from Barcelona is among the pioneers on the racing simulation and virtual reality scene. So why exactly did the innovative Spaniards decide to use our MB Building Kit System? Read on to find out!

From a racing simulator for the home to virtual reality

Simtechpro boasts a very wide portfolio, simulating the driving experience of Formula 1 cars, GT vehicles, rally cars and MotoGP bikes and even producing flight simulators – all using special platforms that it develops in house. These platforms are in turn fitted with several monitors to ensure users get a truly intense experience. What’s more, drivers can also put on a virtual reality headset for an even more immersive experience of high-speed thrills. Combining VR and conventional displays also resolves a frequent dilemma – what do spectators who don’t have a special headset do? This dual solution ensures, for example, that passers-by at a trade fair are also drawn in to the high-octane action.

When it comes to racing simulation, Simtechpro has really made a name for itself thanks to its SimBase and SimLight ranges. While SimBase is intended more for professional applications, SimLight is aimed at ambitious gamers who have enough space inside their own four walls. The key is that both systems are exceptionally flexible because they are built using components from the MB Building Kit System: “We can swap out various components from all models, depending on what is needed. The basic structure from item is also exceptionally stable,” explains Pere Arnau i Rallo, Chief Commercial Officer at Simtechpro.

Racing simulation with plenty of horse power

Let’s take a closer look at the SimBase 327 model. The heart of the racing simulator is an exceptionally flexible, modular platform comprising high-quality profile technology from the MB Building Kit System. The addition of matching caps and cover profiles also lends this sturdy platform a suitably sophisticated look. As Arnau i Rallo points out, Simtechpro was particularly impressed by the trio of flexibility, stability and aesthetics. “The basic structure is easy to adapt and very durable, but the aluminium profile also gives it a very cool, technical appearance.” Elegant and minimalistic aesthetics are also what made our Profile Tube System D30 so interesting for designer Tomás Alonso.

Three 27-inch monitors give users an authentic impression of being behind the controls, and the structure will also support screen sizes up to 35 inches. Different software modules can be used to simulate Formula 1, GT and rally racing, ensuring there is something for virtually every fan of racing simulations. Sliding bars are used as a fast and flexible means of adjusting the cockpit. There are two more elements that help make the experience even more immersive.  For example, the built-in motion system – including shock absorbers – replicates realistic movement to match what is going on in the racing simulation. Drivers who execute rapid manoeuvres will feel it through the seat and in their own body – but without ever putting themselves in any danger. A six-channel sound system also creates an authentic racing experience on an acoustic level.

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