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Illuminating technology that gets things moving

For more options when supplying materials to customized signaling and safe, flexible guidance of transported goods – some of the latest products from item make your processes even more efficient.

item Experts once again have a whole host of new additions to the item product portfolio for you. Thanks to our modular building kit principle, everything fits perfectly into your existing solutions. The item Suspended Conveyor System is ideal if you are looking for an alternative way of supplying materials. We’ve also got new LED signalling products – LED Strips up to 6 meters long and Indicator Lights – for customized and efficient visualization of your operating statuses. The modularity of the new item railing system gives you total design freedom when it comes to guiding goods along conveyor lines. Find out more about the highlights from the latest selection of new products right now.

item Suspended Conveyor System: automatic transfer with just a slight incline

Do you find components take up too much space in a small load carrier or easily become entangled? The new item Suspended Conveyor System offers the perfect solution. Supply anything from cable harnesses to mats efficiently – either suspended or in bags. An incline of just 3° is sufficient for the suspended goods being transported to be set in motion by their own weight. This is thanks to the Conveyor Rail Profile and the specially designed Carriage, which helps prevent tipping and self-locking. In Conveyor Rail Profile 6, the track, guide and fastening are combined in a single profile. It is robust, lightweight and even ESD-safe – an important consideration given that motion plays a key role in the build-up of static electricity.

Carriages D37-32 ESD make their way along the slightly inclined Conveyor Rail Profile to the removal point. Moving by gravity, they balance out any swaying motion. With a load-carrying capacity of up to 5 kg and fully enclosed roller elements, they are both very robust and reliable. Integrating the conveyor rail into transport trolleys or frames from Profile Tube System D30 at the desired height couldn’t be simpler. Three open Line 6 grooves on the top mean you can use special Fastening Brackets 6 30 D30 to fit the Conveyor Rail Profile to a frame’s cross profiles. While Fastening Bracket 6 30 D30 is perfect for creating a flat, space-saving fixing, you can use Fastening Bracket 6 30 D30 T1 to construct a section that projects outside the frame, regardless of position or load. Both variants have a load-carrying capacity of up to 50 kg.

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Perfect interplay between Conveyor Rail Profile 6 (left) and Carriages D37-32 ESD (center) – an incline of just 3° is sufficient to transport suspended goods.

Intelligent visualization of operating statuses in production

Our parametrizable LED Strips and Indicator Lights help you keep a constant eye on the operating status of machines and industrial systems. A wide range of options are available – from a single light through to ready-to-use machine traffic lights (with or without buzzer) and LED Strips. Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip enables you to integrate customized signaling in the groove. It is secured in place using LED Casing Profile 8. The continuous illuminated strip has numerous LED segments that can be actuated separately. You have a choice of four lengths ranging from 1 to 6 meters and can shorten the strip in increments of 17 mm. Having secured the strip in place, you can use Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip Controller IO-Link 24VDC to control it according to your needs. This IO-Link controller offers a particularly simple solution for incorporating signaling into your plant control system.

3-Segment RGB Indicator Light IO-Link with Buzzer features three segments that can be actuated separately and a clearly audible warning tone. Pre-set color coding means you can use the Indicator Light as a machine traffic light directly on delivery. Each LED segment can be freely parametrized using IO-Link. Customize your signaling with different colors and light functions such as conspicuous flashing. A version without IO-Link is available, too. There is also a (3-segment) Indicator Light without a buzzer that comes both with and without IO-Link. Multi-Segment RGB Light is a ready-to-install bright LED signaling and status light that comes in lengths of 125 mm250 mm and 480 mm. You can freely adjust the color, brightness and light effects of individual LED segments using IO-Link. 1-Segment RGB Indicator Light IO-Link is a robust, ready-to-install status light for production and logistics applications. All Indicator Lights are supplied complete with an installation bracket and fixings.

Would you like to find out more about the design of our signaling solutions and their role in production control? The item Online Shop and the item Academy cover all the key basics.

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From LED Strips on an ergonomic work bench (left) to an Indicator Light in the form of a machine traffic light (right) – item gives you all the flexibility you need when it comes to implementing your signaling ideas. 

The item railing system – greater control and versatility when transporting goods

The new item railing system 8 D8 gives you the necessary design freedom to safely guide all kinds of goods in any situation. It is based on a small number of basic components that can be used in a wide range of combinations. Brackets with a wide pivot range (80 mm or 130 mm) mean the side guidance can be positioned at the desired height, within or outside the conveyor line. As a result, small load carriers or workpiece carriers that project beyond the conveyor line can be guided just as well as individual products on the conveyor belt. You can also funnel goods and link together intersecting stretches. What’s more, the conveyor line can be very accurately narrowed down to a removal point. Use the practical Railing Holder 8 D8 to make light work of incorporating side guidance in various sections. Your solution will always be a perfect fit for the item Conveyor Belt System with a Line 8 groove at the side. If you change the T-slot nut, you can also use the railing system with other profiles.

The robust Profile 8 24×20 D30 serves as a railing. Compact and boasting a low coefficient of friction, it has a special contour that combines features of the Line 5 groove and Profile Tube D30. That makes the profile perfect for use as a railing. Thanks to this optimized design, you can guide the transported goods directly along the low-friction aluminum profile. Equipping the railing with Slide Strip 5 ESD or Slide Strip D30 further reduces the number of parts required. Railing Holder 8 D8 is connected to the rear Line 8 groove. This compact holder ensures torsion-free fastening to the frame and railing. You just need one screw to secure it in place.

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Fastened to the conveyor section is Railing Holder 8 D8 (right), and fastened to that is a narrow Bracket J 80 D8 or a wide Bracket J 130 D8 (center). A further railing holder creates the link to Profile 8 24×20 D30 (left). That is how you achieve side guidance. 

Discover further innovation in our catalogue

Whether you are looking to bring light to the darkness or optimize transport processes, our latest products offer the perfect solution for all kinds of challenges. You will find the latest catalogue with all the new products in the form of an e-paper in our Download Center.

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