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Introducing the item Solution Center

A New Way to Find Your Next Solution

Here at item, we call the things we build “solutions” for a reason: they are designed to solve specific challenges for the customer. While most of the challenges are both industry-specific and unique to the customer in question, that isn’t to say that the same solution wouldn’t suit another customer; even in another industry!

The fact mentioned above coupled with the desire to offer even faster turn-around times (our quote-to-delivery times are already among the fastest in the industry) has generated the new Solution Center. The item Solution Center is designed to be an “idea mill”. When a customer sees ideas in use or relevant applications that have already been designed, they are able to better (and more quickly) realize their ideas.

There are two primary sections in the item Solution Center: 1. Ideas and Inspiration and 2. Real Solutions In Action. The Ideas and Inspiration section is a rich and varied collection of renderings. For a more lifelike view, we offer the Real Solutions in Action section, which shows actual customer solutions just as you might see them in a production facility or shop. In both sections, the solutions can be filtered by category to offer a more targeted search.

Let’s explore the two main sections in more detail:

The Ideas and Inspiration page is just that: ideas. Here you will find a rich and ever-growing library of renderings. These renderings are real designs that may fit your application “as-is” or with minimal design adjustments. By offering these ideas, we are hoping we can offer the customer an option that allows for a streamlined decision-making process and delivery to the end user. In addition, because these are CAD rendering files, they can be reopened and customized to order. If you see a great idea that just needs a little tweak, you may just find it here!

In the Real Solutions in Action section, we see a variety of applications that have been designed and built. This section is intended to display the full range of possibilities; because with item components, virtually anything can be built. Flow racks, enclosures, carts and workbenches are all there. This section shows, in real life, the level of customization that is possible with item products.

Share Your Solution, Too

item aims to develop customer engagement with this page so that we can share their solutions, as well. We want to see what you’ve created with unique ingenuity and item products! On the Solution Center, you can both provide inspiration to others by submitting your project and get inspiration for creating your next solution. Share your success story with item!




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