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item America Engineer Drums Up a Solution

item Engineer uses his industry know-how and item profiles to help his wife find a solution

item Engineer Bob Price had a problem. Actually, his wife had the problem. As a high school marching band director, Mrs. Price has a lot of equipment to corral and bulky, oddly-shaped drum harnesses are one of the biggest challenges.

The Challenge at Hand

If you are not familiar with drum harnesses, they are a stiff rack that fits over a marching drummer’s shoulders and holds the drums at about waist height. While the harnesses are adjustable and fairly lightweight, they do not collapse and they take up a lot of space.  Originally, a temporary makeshift wooden structure was built to hold the harnesses. Time and gravity began to take their toll and the rack was falling apart. After all, the rack was never intended to be permanent. As a Design Engineer at item America, this challenge gave Bob a chance to create a custom solution for his wife’s harness rack problem!

The Solution

Using a base of item MB Building Kit Line 8 40×16 profiles anchored into the wall, Bob then used the versatile Lean Production Building Kit System (LPS) D30 tubes to construct the rest of the rack. Bob designed each rack segment to be one meter long, which can hold three harnesses.
The racks are also designed to be added to in the event the drum line gets larger. To top it all off, Bob used blue and yellow  – the Clear Spring High School Blazer’s school colors – cover profile in the Line 8 grooves of the wall anchor!

The light, strong and efficient design of the new rack was a great improvement over the two by four boards it replaced.
Not only was Bob doing a great thing for his wife and her school, he was also showing off the flexibility and strength of the item Lean Production Building Kit System.



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