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New Products from item – Explore the Highlights!

Better organization, heavier lifting, simpler fastening – the spring 2021 new products from item are at least as versatile as our new Cube Fastening Sets!

For example, some of the new products in the Work Bench System can be used to build electrically height-adjustable tables that can handle up to a metric ton in weight. By contrast, our Robot Mounting Plates are primarily – but not exclusively – intended for lightweight applications. They are ideal for fastening lightweight robots to profiles and frames to create human-robot collaboration solutions, for instance. On top of all that, there are more highlights from the Lean Production Building Kit System, too. However, let’s not spoil all the surprises straight away – read on and enjoy exploring the new product highlights from item for spring 2021!

Cube Fastening Sets and Joining Plates for Strong, Straightforward Connections

The item Cube Fastening Sets make it even easier to design frames and bases. While other aluminum fasteners connect two profiles directly to each other, cube fasteners form a three-dimensional structure in between profiles. Cube Fastening Set 8 2D 40x40x40 connects two Profiles 8 40×40 at an angle of 90°, while Cube Fastening Set 8 3D 40x40x40 connects three profiles to form a corner structure. To install these sets, threads need to be tapped into the core bores of the profiles. Fixings for screwing the cube fasteners into place are included in the sets. Anti-torsion features ensure profiles are held securely in the correct orientation but they can also be broken off with a screwdriver, if required. Once assembly work has been completed, the openings can be covered over with the Caps included in the scope of supply, which can also be ordered as spare parts.

The new item Joining Plates reinforce structures and enhance the rigidity of frames. Preformed Joining Plate Sets 8 are available for all typical installation scenarios, whether corner connections, crossing profiles or T connections with a through-profile. They are attached from the outside and screwed into a Line 8 groove, with no need for additional machining. The double T-Slot Nuts supplied with the sets speed up work even more. Winning design – the item Joining Plates have been presented with the iF Design Award 2021 in the Industry/Tools category.

Design award

Threaded Insert M8 for Cube Fastening Set 8 is used for connecting Adjustable Feet, castors and other accessories (left). The item Joining Plates make connections between aluminum profiles 50 percent stronger and use 40 percent less material than solid metal plates (right).

Mounting Plates – Fastening Lightweight Robots to Profiles and Frames

The benefits of human-robot collaboration are impressive – the experience, judgement and flexibility of humans coupled with the power, endurance and precision of robots. It makes for a winning combination. This type of teamwork is usually achieved using lightweight robots, which are also referred to as “collaborative robots” or “cobots” in this specific context. Before smart machinery can be deployed close to people or work with them, it must first be safely integrated into the working environment. This is where the new Mounting Plates from item come in.

The item Mounting Plates for fastening lightweight robots to profiles and frames are made of high-strength aluminium and either come pre-drilled with a pattern of holes for popular cobot models or can be custom machined for any model. For example, Robot Mounting Plate 8 160×160 is prepared for the UR3e and UR5e cobots from Universal Robots. Robot Mounting Plate 8 200×200 is ideal for the larger UR10e and UR16e models and is also compatible with the Fanuc CRX-10iA and the Omron TM5TM12 and TM14 models. To create all other cobot and mechanical engineering applications there are Universal Mounting Plates 8 160×160 and 200×200, which can be drilled with a custom pattern of holes for tailor-made solutions. Groove Plate X 8 40 and Installation Column 8 160×160 K76 are particularly suitable bases that offer a secure fixing surface for the Mounting Plates.

Item méxico

The Mounting Plates (left, in foreground) can be fastened to an Installation Column Profile (left, in background) or a Groove Plate (right), for example.

The ESD-Safe Heavyweight Champions of the Table Columns

When it comes to describing the recent additions to our Table Columns for building custom, electrically height-adjustable work benches, there are few words more fitting than “robust”. Table Column Set 2 E HD ESD 230V is the ideal basis for constructing heavy-duty tables with two legs – designed for a total load of up to 600 kilograms. Looking for something “a little stronger”? Then Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V with four columns is perfect, enabling you to create heavy-duty benches that can accommodate an overall load of up to one metric ton. The maximum travel on both designs is 400 mm at a speed of 9 mm/s. Both Table Column Sets are designed to be ESD-safe and also feature a memory function that can be used to access up to three stored working heights.

However, powerful height adjustment is also available on the move and without the need for a power point. For example, the new Lift Module 8 120×120 HF lifts containers and workpieces weighing up to 100 kilograms. This height-adjustment system is hydraulic and is operated using a pedal, so no electricity is required. The column can be extended up to 400 mm and then lowered back down in a controlled manner. The use of the Line 8 system groove means that all the components in the MB Building Kit System can be used to build benches, frames and other fixtures. For instance, mobile benches can be created to help staff move loads and containers from A to B with ease. The new Lift Module 8 70×70 GH is similarly versatile, but uses a gas spring to lift loads weighing up to 20 kilograms. On this model, a switch is operated by hand to raise and lower the structure as required. The telescopic module is suitable for building ergonomic working surfaces designed to accommodate medium loads.

Item méxico
The item Table Column Sets E HD offer an electrical solution for adjusting the height of even very heavy loads (left). Lift Module 8 120×120 HF can be used to lift loads of up to 100 kg – without needing a power supply (right).
New Additions to the D30 Product Family – for better organization and slim doors

Get organized in no time when storing products upright – by using the new Product Separator D30-55 ESD from the item Lean Production Building Kit System. It is extremely sturdy and can be quickly clipped directly onto Profile Tubes D30 to divide up storage areas so they can be structured more efficiently. The Product Separator encompasses the top and bottom of the profile, leaving the rear profile flank free. Made of ESD-safe non-scratch material, the product is safe to use with sensitive workpieces. Slide Strip D30 (also available in an ESD-safe version) can be used to provide additional scratch protection for the Profile Tube. The Product Separators have a similar flank geometry to Profile D30. Further components, such as Label Holder D30, can easily be attached to this.

Profile Tube System D30 also provides the basis for the new door hinges. Hinges D30-85 FP and D30-85 PP can be used with matching accessories to create doors in next to no time. Rebate Strip D30 H13 and Magnetic Catch 32x10x5 sa ensure doors are held firmly shut but can be opened with ease. The Hinges can also be retrofitted and have a load-carrying capacity of 100 N. Pivoting Stacking Unit D30 Bars T1 and T2 also have a high load-carrying capacity. They are perfect for Karakuri/LCA applications, where they take over the stacking and unstacking of small load carriers to make life easier for staff. The large supporting surface area of the Stacking Units ensures a secure hold for the containers.

Item méxico

Label Profiles can be fitted to the Product Separator to ensure storage areas are clearly labelled (left). Hinge D30-85 FP and Profile Tube System D30 can be used to build frameless doors. A panel element in a thickness of up to 10 mm is used as the door and the Hinge is screwed directly to this panel (right).

Discover More New Products in the Catalogue

More strength, more load-carrying capacity, more possibilities. As you can see, the item innovations for spring 2021 make your applications stronger and more versatile than ever before. You can explore even more new products in our latest catalogue “New Products 2021/I – Systematic innovation”, which can be downloaded from the Media Download Center.


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