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„Ni hao, Qingdao!“ – item in China

How item is moving the biggest mechanical engineering market in the world.

Following on from our detours to South Africa and Mexico we’re continuing our breathtaking trip through the world (of item) with a return journey to China. Since we’ve already reported from the People’s Republic about the Shanghai Tower and the homegrown veg of our colleague Mr. Sun, it’s high time we focused on the business activities of item in China. Indeed, the company only recently staged a special competition and showed what it can do at one of the country’s biggest industrial trade fairs, the Industrial Automation Show (IAS).

A fun way to discover the benefits of lean production

The People’s Republic is the most important export market for German mechanical engineering and accounts for a volume of around 17 billion euros. item has been active in China since 2010 and is championing lean production in the country. After all, our Chinese counterparts also understand how important it is to boost efficiency and optimise production.

We recently demonstrated the benefits of our lean Profile Tube System D30 in a small competition in Qingdao. The assorted teams had to assemble three transport trolleys using the same drawing – and do so fast. They were able to use Profile Tube System D30, a combination of D30 and the MB Building Kit System and the steel tube system of a competitor. The winning team quickly realised the benefits of D30 and were therefore the first to assemble a usable trolley.

Lots to see at the Industrial Automation Show

Early November saw the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) take place in Shanghai. Staged at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre, it is one of the biggest industrial trade fairs in China. Each year since 2003, the fair has played host to countless exhibitors, predominantly companies from the process and production automation sectors, although robotics, electrical plants and IT solutions also play an important part. It is fair to say that IAS is the place to show Chinese businesses what innovative specialist mechanical engineering solutions can do. This year, from 1 to 5 November, more than 600 exhibitors from around the world set out their product highlights on an exhibition area measuring 55,000 square metres.

Other than a break in 2015, when the trade fair moved to a new venue, we have been a regular exhibitor at IAS since 2012 and it is certainly our most important trade fair in China. It is the ideal place to make highly promising contacts. In general, trade fairs are much bigger events in Asia than they are in Europe. Before you know it, a cluster of people will form around you – and the expectations are high. In any case, our profile and linear technology and a Karakuri exhibit featuring our Profile Tube System D30 proved very popular with visitors. Our live demonstration of the MB Building Kit System was particularly well received and was even drawing a lot of attention during the set-up phase.


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