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Running for a Good Cause and a Chance to Win a Car!

Running race in San Luis Potosí, MX raises money and offers participants a chance to win a car!

Juntos una experiencia compartida (A.C.) is a non-profit organization located in Mexico that strives to improve the quality of people with disabilities by providing personal, social, and professional opportunities, while changing society’s culture to be more inclusive. Founded in 1996, Juntos aims “por una Sociedad más empática justa e incluyente.” (for a society more empathetic, fair and inclusive). To help raise money for their different programs, they organize various charity events throughout the year for the public including those with disabilities. One of their main events is an annual race that was held on January 27th, 2019 called Carrera Juntos Avanzamos (translated to Together We Move Forward Race).

3K, 5K and 10K Race

With the objective of supporting the labor inclusion in San Luis Potosí of 120 people with disabilities, together with General Motors (GM), Juntos organized Carrera Juntos Avanzamos. It featured 3 different races—a 3K (1.9 miles), a 5K (3.1 miles) and a 10K (6.2 miles)—as well as a Chevrolet Spark raffle! There were different categories for the races, including a wheelchair category. Participants of this event received a ticket for the raffle, commemorative shirt, sponsor gifts and medal-after crossing the finish line. Prizes to participants for these three races totaled more than $50,000 MXN. Motivation for all participants to run fast!

Featuring Olympic and Paralympic Athlete—Saúl Mendoza

Saúl Mendoza, a former wheelchair racer, who competed at the Olympic and Paralympic levels attended this event to bring awareness to those with disabilities. Saúl had polio at 6 months old which confined him to crutches or a wheelchair but that didn’t stop him from becoming a renowned wheelchair racer. His career in wheelchair racing began in 1985 when he won the Mexico City Marathon. After that he continued competing and winning medals in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games at various distances. He even competed and won the Men’s Wheelchair Race at the London Marathon in 2004. Today, he gives conferences and uses his own life story to inspire others to reach their goals. Read more about Saúl here.

item Bajío Helps to Support the Cause

item Bajío, Perfiles Modulares Alemanes S. de R.L. de C.V., donated our fabric, grey item bags to Juntos for this event. Juntos used this bag to deliver the race kit which included a raffle ticket, shirt and sponsor gifts. Over 1,000 bags were handed out to all participants for the race. Pepe Sánchez, CEO of Juntos, was excited to have this type of support. “[This donation] will help us include more than 120 people with disabilities in a job and make the next year’s career even better!”

Learn more about Juntos here!


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