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Profile selection, profile machining and more in the online configurator

Digitalisation marches steadily on, and yet it still remains pretty abstract to many. However, there are already digital solutions that show where things are headed.

What does the digital revolution mean for your own day-to-day work? Visions of the future are undoubtedly important, but what really matters is the here and now. Let’s take a look at the practical benefits of digital tools. If you’ve ever planned machining work for profiles, you’ll be aware that it involves a whole string of individual steps. After selecting a suitable profile, you need to choose the right fastening technology and profile machining – not forgetting the project documentation for error-free machining and the actual order, of course. The item Machiningtool can help with all of that, guiding the user through everything, from finding the right product through to ordering the machined profile, thereby taking out a lot of hard work.

Profile machining software that saves a lot of time

The practical, web-based online configurator makes these otherwise complex tasks easy to master. Conventional tools such as production drawings and self-explanatory article numbers are no longer necessary. Just one of the many highlights of the item Machiningtool is that it lists all the profiles in our MB Building Kit System. All users need to do when looking for a profile is indicate aspects such as maximum weight or length via the corresponding filters. This narrows down the number of suitable profiles. Load calculators also show which profiles can be considered based on criteria such as profile deflection and buckling.

Test the item machining tool now!

That also makes the item Machiningtool perfect for users who don’t need any profile machining and just want to find the best profile fast. Once the perfect profile has been picked, it is presented in a 3D view that can be moved around and scaled as necessary. Fasteners can be added and positioned precisely on the profile via drag and drop, with only feasible solutions showing up. Plausibility checks in the background help avoid errors and ensure fasteners and machining steps are applied only at points where it is actually possible to integrate them. In other words, if you’ve opted for through holes, stepped bores or threaded bores in the item Machiningtool, you can rest assured that connection processing will be problem free.

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