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Trade fair(s) with the big players – Directech gets started

How the up-and-coming talent from our South African partner made a big impression at one of Africa’s biggest trade fairs.

A little while ago, we introduced you to our South African distribution partner Directech. Through its internship programme, it offers young people from the local area a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills and gain valuable professional experience. Now we’re pleased to report on more great news from our South African partners. Our friends from Johannesburg had the chance to show what they can do and make lots of contacts at this year’s Electra Mining (12 to 16 September), which is one of the biggest industrial trade shows in Africa.

A trade fair stand with a high profile

Located in Hall 6 of the huge Nasrec Expo Centre, the comparatively small stand run by Directech was right in the midst of the action. Well known elements from the world of item were on show for all to see, including the MB Building Kit System, Profile Tube System D30 and work benches from our Work Bench System. The first thing to do, of course, is to grab the attention and favour of visitors as they stream past. That is no easy task, particularly in view of the large number of exhibitors (more than 850) and the masses of people strolling by.

However, the young colleagues from Directech threw themselves into the hustle and bustle so enthusiastically that it was difficult to miss the stand. We’ve met Lenny, assistant to the product manager for our profiles, before in another blog article and he has become a confident young man who is still working hard to better himself. Thanks to his previous experience at trade fairs, he was very relaxed about approaching visitors and talking to them. All the same, the two marketing interns, Tomi and Bonni, were not to be outdone by his charm offensive.

Bottle openers and sunflowers

Trade fairs have their own very special rules. Visitors are young at heart, enthusiastic and love the little things that make the whole process more fun, so it’s always good when you can give them a gimmick to take home. Directech went all out on that score. The branded bottle openers in the form of a profile key ring were particularly well received. There were also measuring tapes, business card holders and hard hats– all of which were gone in next to no time.

As the last day of the fair fell on a Friday, everything went casual, as has long been the tradition in South African industry. But that is by no means all! The 16th of September is also “Sunflower Day”, when people wear a special “tube of hope” to remember patients suffering from leukaemia and similar diseases. A tube is a multifunctional clothing accessory that can be worn as a headband, scarf or arm band. On the last day of the fair, the Directech stand was a beacon of solidarity and bright colours. Indeed, the company is acutely aware of its wider responsibilities to society and supports a whole range of charitable organisations.

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