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Versatility and Modularity: Why a Continuous Improvement Expert Chose the item America Team

A new item Expert serving the Northeastern United States explains the benefits of item products for lean production and continuous improvement.

item America has been growing, and with it, so has the team of item Experts. Wherever you are located within North America, we have you covered!

The newest addition to our team of talented item Experts is Pat Esposito. Pat, of Haddam, Connecticut, is a New Englander by birth and is serving the Northeastern region of the United States.

Pat has worked and traveled extensively throughout his career including in Europe, where he got his first taste of the extruded aluminum industry. Pat shares with us how he gained his experience in the manufacturing industry, became a continuous improvement expert, and how innovation and quality of item products led him to join the item America team:

How did you get your start in the aluminum extrusion industry?

I gained experience using extruded aluminum while setting up production and assembly lines in Europe as a contractor for United Technologies, back in 2001. Then I started offering [selling to] clients and supplying it with my last two positions at competitors [of item].

Can you elaborate on this experience?

I spent about eight years contracting as a third-party logistics supplier for Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky and Hamilton Sundstrand.

What, exactly, were you doing?

In one role, I was residing in the Czech Republic and Poland. I was managing a contract to supply aerospace components “kitted” directly to point-of-use locations, lineside. [This role involved the entire process, including] 3,500 part numbers utilizing a team of staff that would plan, procure, conduct quality checks and deliver the product.

How did you employ aluminum extrusions in these environments?

In using the aluminum extrusion product, I witnessed the versatility, practicality, flexibility, modularity and re-usability of the material. That period gave [me] hands-on knowledge that helped me prepare for the position I hold now, and why I believe in its [extruded aluminum building systems] value.

So, how long have you worked in the aluminum extrusion industry?

Eight years.

What keeps you interested in this industry?

I enjoy the ability to offer world-class service and knowing that I’m giving the customer the best possible solution. My continuous improvement and lean manufacturing background keep me interested. Always developing new techniques and solutions to reduce the customer’s waste, takt time (production interval time), costs, increasing through-put, etc.

What drew you to item?

  1. Superior products compared to the competitors.
  2. Continuous engineering and new product releases.
  3. A proper marketing team with a plan, literature and catalogs.
  4. Hearing and seeing online about the excellent team members and camaraderie at item.

Another reason that I chose to work at item, is I enjoy walking manufacturing lines, reviewing customers processes and then having the support of a team of experts to offer [customers] uniquely tailored engineered concepts. Further, we help train customers on the numerous concepts that item can employ in the field. If they aren’t aware that certain solutions exist, they certainly can’t implement it.

What is your favorite item product line and why?

LPS – D30 [The Profile Tube System D30 for Lean Production] line, as I feel it’s the most underutilized and most versatile product line that item offers.

Let’s delve into that a little more. What, to you, makes the Profile Tube System the “most versatile product line item offers” (your words)?

The Profile Tube System D30 line can be used to build so many different “custom” concepts that assembly lines require to work efficiently. For example, Profile Tube System can be used to build a wide range of workstations, supermarkets, flow-racks, trolleys, kitting carts, karakuri, 5S stations, as well as message, metrics and tooling boards (and more).

You mentioned that the Profile Tube System D30 is underutilized.  Why do you think that is?  What are the barriers to entry for this product and why should a customer consider it?

I believe it’s under-utilized because many customers who are unfamiliar with the Profile Tube System line aren’t aware of the vast concepts which can be designed using it.

Also, can you talk more about its versatility, particularly in the continuous improvement and lean industry contexts?

Versatility is critical; along with standardization. The item material can be used to perform multiple functions along an assembly line. For example, a cart can be designed to support or contain a certain range of parts, but then the cart may have a slide out roller track to assist in transferring the parts to a workstation.

What item innovation do most people miss that you wish everyone knew about?

The fact that our numerous product lines are interchangeable and can be used together and therefore offers limitless concept solutions. We have the ability to support most opportunities and projects taking into consideration all of the customers’ requirements and parameters.

In your own words, what do you think makes item products the best?

Superior quality: i.e.- the “trueness” of the profiles. The quantity of profiles and accessories offered. The ease of use when building and assembling concepts. We are a “one-stop-shop”. All the components offered, are item’s components, unlike the competitors who offer the customer complete solutions, but then need to buy from [expensive third-party suppliers} to try to get to a complete solution. item can offer entire, complete solutions using only item components.

The superior quality of item is nice, but what makes it worth it beyond the product range and inter-functionality of the product lines?

Receiving world-class, local support. Having access to a team of experts that can assist the customer with safety, ergonomics, and increased productivity is worth it!


Pat esposito

Pat Esposito is now serving the Northeastern US.
If you work within that area, feel free to reach out to him directly for any of your continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and karakuri needs.
Not located in the Northeastern United States? You can find your local item Expert and representative here!

Pat Esposito, item Northeast Sales Manager

Mobile:     +1 240 520 0960
Phone:      +1 301 665 9772




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