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What’s Lighter Than Light?

It’s Not a Riddle – It’s the Economy Profile

At 20% lighter than the item Light profile, the Economy profile by item has become the newest phenomenon across the manufacturing and production industry when it comes to creating stable constructions that are both lightweight yet reliable, and cost-effective at the same time. These weight-optimized profiles enable the user to create solutions with minimal material and maximum security.

Efficiency and Production

Bringing efficiency into the production process, the economy profile is optimal for dollies, doors, hoods, and partitions. Though lightweight, the economy profiles can withstand more than you may think. This pump rack, designed by the item team in Germany, can hold a 342 kg pump securely. That’s roughly 753 pounds!

You can explore more solutions that take the versatility and lightweight nature of the economy profile and create innovative solutions without sacrificing the stable and secure standards that item is known for on the item Solution Center. The Efficiency Solutions category features everything from rolling information boards, tool and parts carts, and work station barriers – all of which combine the expertise of item with the innovation of the economy profile. Our team of item Experts are developing new solutions to add to the page consistently.


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