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Why item? A Case Study

A robotic manufacturer explains why they switched to item for their machine frames.

The DVF Corporation is a premium quality automation and contract manufacturing company located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Many of DVF Corporation’s automation projects lend themselves to the use of modular framing systems and, while DVF has worked with other extruded aluminum and bolted bracket systems in the past, they were looking for a more precision product for their Robotic Gluing System (RGS). The criteria DVF established for choosing a modular framing system boiled down to some simple, but important features:

  1. The right product at the right time
  2. Accuracy and precision in quotes, builds and packing
  3. Proper machining and finishing
  4. Product flexibility

DVF Corporation President, James “Jay” Wolfe found that item provided everything he needed to meet his standards for the RGS.
In Wolfe’s words here is how each of the four needs above were addressed:

The right product at the right time

Wolfe started by stating, “Having the option of item pre-assembling our frames in their facility and then direct shipping to us gives us confidence in our surge capacity.” item’s ability to deliver the correct solution as it is needed was a key feature guiding Wolfe’s decision to switch.

Accuracy and precision in quotes, builds and packing

Then Wolfe went on to say, “item has demonstrated their competency in taking design files directly from our CAD system and delivering an accurate and complete quotation. With other vendors we have had to pull their quotes apart to find out what they missed.” item is known for the quick turn-around time on projects. But it needs to be correct as well! By offering both benefits, item further differentiated itself from the competition. What is more, Wolfe also commented that, “Components arrive clearly labeled and packaged in kit form.” So, not only is the order executed quickly, but in a way that minimizes the need for extra work and time on the client’s part.

Proper machining and finishing

When item sends a kit (rather than a completed solution), the kit is ready to build right out of the box. “The machining options have unmatched accuracy and are completely deburred,” Wolfe continued.

Product flexibility

When asked what might be the greatest asset item can offer custom machine builders, Wolfe said, “Versatility. As a custom builder ourselves, item’s product line offers greater options vs. competitors and translates in reduced time spent on a project.” Simply put, none of the competition has more time-saving and well-appointed components. These components are the result of nearly four decades of experience as a machine structure supplier.

As time goes on, item continues to add new components to further expand and elaborate on the usefulness and intuitive nature of the solutions item offers.
The added advantage that any item product can be ordered by the piece, in kit form or as a completed solution, cements the flexibility argument. Circling back to the first feature; the “when you need it” nature of item’s operating model allows the customer to decide if they have the resources to assemble a solution or if having it pre-assembled by item’s experts is more beneficial.

Either way, that flexibility and versatility is important to today’s machine builders.


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