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3D Assembly Guides Give Manual Assembly a Boost

From now on, animations will simplify the assembly of constructions from the item Engineeringtool.

3D assembly guides offer users the opportunity to view the optimum build sequence in moving pictures. By scanning the QR code or entering the Cx article number, design engineers can call up the relevant guide via the item Projectviewer. Assembly staff benefit because they can get to grips with their task faster and there is less work involved.

The digital infrastructure in assembly processes is growing. Specialist hardware for production environments (thin clients, industrial PCs and tablets) provide seamless access to information. With the Projectviewer from item, just a few clicks will take you to all the information you need at a glance, including project documentation with the project overview, information about the machined profiles, a multiview projection with the internal and external dimensions, an exploded view, and the 3D-animated assembly guide.

In addition, a single click will take assembly staff to the item Engineeringtool, where they can make modifications. The catalogue information about the components can be found in the properties window of the tool. What’s more, the tool also provides the CAD data and project documentation ready for download. The projects can subsequently be placed directly into the shopping basket if an additional or new order is required.

All project and product information is thus available digitally for users to call up at every point in the process. The item Projectviewer therefore puts an end to the need for email attachments and the time-consuming task of searching for information.

Get to grips with tasks faster with 3D assembly guides

Assembly staff no longer have to know all the details about every component. Instead, they can get straight to work with the animated guide. The tool takes them through the assembly of the construction one step at a time. Each step of the guide can be viewed as often as necessary.

When “Assembly guide” is clicked, the Projectviewer calculates the ideal assembly sequence and animates the assembly process in a few seconds. It uses the properties of all the components as a basis for generating the optimum sequence. This sequence is a suggestion based on the data. However, working in a different order could also be perfectly fine. “The calculations also take into account that some types of fastener create an obstacle due to their properties. For example, some fasteners are pushed into the groove and others are fitted using T-slot Nuts. This has to be considered in the assembly sequence and is automatically factored into the assembly guide,” explains Christian Thiel, a product manager and online tools expert at item.

Everyone involved in the project can digitally access the information package, including the associated 3D assembly guide, at any time using the Cx article number or the relevant QR code. “This solution significantly reduces the time required for assembling constructions. We are confident that it represents another milestone in the digitalization of engineering,” Thiel adds.

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