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An Emphasis on Efficiency

Experience New item Products for 2020/I

Spring 2020 has brought new ideas to item with an emphasis on efficient production! These new products will allow your engineering work to move faster, minimize the number of components needed in applications, and allow for the creation of entirely new solutions.

The latest New Products Catalogue contains all relevant information and can be accessed for free through the item Download Center. You can download a copy as a PDF or read it directly in your browser as an e-paper.

The item Download Center is also packed with information and details on all the products and the 4,000 other components in the item Building Kit Systems.

Let’s take a look at this season’s new products by product line.


Item america - news & stories MB Building Kit System

The new Automatic T-Slot Nut will revolutionize assembly work. Preassembled on the screw, this T-Slot Nut aligns itself independently in the groove as it’s inserted. This saves a great deal of time and guarantees the strong and secure hold valued by item and our clientele.

The new Stand Foot Set 8 supports various safety concepts when securing freestanding enclosures and guards. The  Transport Plates 8 are used to install a robust, CE-compliant Lifting Point so that entire frames can safely be lifted from above.

Item america - news & stories Work Bench System

The workspace is getting an upgrade this season. Extremely lightweight transport trolleys, ideal for workplace carriers, and inherently stable containers can be created in next to no time with the new Carrier Rail Fastening Set 8.

Tool Block 8 has a grid printed over the top and is ideal for keeping your tools and tool bits organized, while the new LED Light Fittings E are the economical solution to provide even, glare-free workplace lighting.

Item america - news & stories Lean Production Building Kit System

The new Release Unit D30 Bar T2 makes loading and unloading with shooters possible, even with low actuation forces. With integrated fixings, the new Flange D30 90×90-80 is an exceptionally robust solution for fastening lean frames to the floor, keeping your solutions safe and secure.

Simplified solutions are the name of the game when it comes to the central Side Guide H13 c, which keeps transported goods on the right track on both sides. This means you will need fewer support profiles and fastening elements.

Item america - news & stories  Automation System

Projects frequently require us to move in all directions, why shouldn’t our solutions? Significantly speed up the construction process of high-performance multi-axis solutions with Transverse Carriage plate KLE, which also makes these solutions easier to commission.

Transporting heavier goods? Gearbox 60-16 will be your go-to choice for moving and carrying heavier loads.

Item america - news & stories Online Tools

The key to reliable engineering is in your hands! New functions, such as a fixed zero point for designs and a rapid change of perspective, are making the item Engineeringtool even more user-friendly.

What’s more, Hinges and Ball Joint Fasteners are automatically positioned at the correct angle, taking the guessing work out of the design process for you.

Try your hand at the ingenuity of the item Engineeringtool, along with our other innovative Configurators, by clicking here.

New Products, New Ideas

What will the New Products 2020/I bring about for your team in terms of innovation? We want to hear what you’ve created, and how you’ve changed your daily processes using these components.



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