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Digital engineering – designing online made simple

With the Engineeringtool from item, you can work on your next project intuitively from anywhere and without the need for any additional software.

Modern mechanical engineering processes are becoming increasingly digital. Looking back at blog posts from the past year, item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft® for our item linear motion units® and the practical item Machining Tool are just two examples of how digital engineering speeds up day-to-day project work. Integrated filters and tools take care of complex calculations and make it easier for users to select the right components. The item Engineeringtool is another important step in this direction, adding a considerably wider range of functions and combining the familiar online configurators from item into one engineering solution. Our goal is to create a digital workstation for all engineering tasks that use item components. Digital engineering with item will make your work faster and easier.

What the item Engineeringtool can do

The first version of the item Engineeringtool is compatible with all components featured in our MB Building Kit System. Profile technology from all item lines can be used for free, rule-based engineering. 3D engineering tasks can be completed in all modern web browsers, with no need for any additional software. Engineers anywhere can use any end device with Internet access to easily create basic constructions that can be equipped with the appropriate fasteners, Caps and floor elements directly in the item Engineeringtool.

Its easy-to-use functions include integrated product finders, a drag-and-drop function for the easy placement of components, and the automatic alignment of parts. When fasteners are placed on a design, the software also performs an automatic plausibility check and incorporates all necessary profile machining, meaning engineers can carry out frequent standard tasks quickly without having to use a CAD system. What’s more, the item Engineeringtool makes design and configuration easy for almost anyone, without the need for extensive induction training.

CAD data and project documentation included

The core concept of the item Engineeringtool is to make 3D engineering with item components possible even for those without their own CAD system. Worldwide unique project numbers mean you can also share your designs with colleagues across the globe. CAD data output options even allow you to easily transfer your projects from the item Engineeringtool to your usual CAD environment, where you can continue working on them.

Our approach to digital engineering gives you everything you need to reduce throughput times for engineering tasks. Use the item Engineeringtool in meetings to sketch out projects right in front of the customer. Define your project enquiries with ease using our efficient end-to-end 3D engineering solution and compile comprehensive project documentation for your designs at the touch of a button.

Why wait? Try out digital engineering with item!

3D engineering, CAD export and project documentation are not the only benefits of the item Engineeringtool, however. With just one click, you can convert your construction into a shopping cart and place your order directly online. The item Engineeringtool gets you on course for the future of mechanical engineering. Check out the clean and clear interface that enables you to efficiently perform engineering tasks and discover the opportunities available by digitalising order and production processes. Your ideas are worth it!

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