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eFlex and item America: A Complementing Pair

item America is the newest member of eFlex Systems’ Partner Program

item America is proud to join eFlex Systems’ Partner Program as a Complement Partner, combining item’s industry-leading products with eFlex’s to promote the growth of sustainable, world-class manufacturing and digital initiatives. “item America is proud to partner with eFlex Systems and take an active part in supporting manufacturing companies through improving their quality and efficiency,” said Germain Dufosse, CEO of item America.

Collaborate and Innovate

eFlex, a recognized industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and digital solutions for the global manufacturing company, described the addition to their partner program as “allowing us to connect on a mutually strategic level to collaborate, innovate, and grow together,” according to eFlex President Dan McKiernan.

Smart Stations, Smarter Partnerships

Through the new role as Complement Partner, world-class item America workstations will be combined with eFlex’s digital manufacturing application to introduce the turn-key Industry 4.0 Smart Station.  Describing the promising future of the Smart Stations, McKiernan stated “this will provide a cost effective, turn-key solution to accelerate implementation and get started with digital initiatives.  The drop-in Smart Station will also be ideal for adavanced manufacturing, innovation, and training labs.”

To learn more about eFlex and item America’s partnership, CLICK HERE.


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