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Elegant living – with profile

Putting profile technology for lean production into a different, but no less exciting, context.

The aesthetics and style that surround us always have a big part to play in our home life and in creative working. In other words, atmosphere is key to lifestyle and quality of life. We, of course, are fully aware of this, and understand that our Profile Tube System D30 is both functional and pleasing to the eye. At the same time, item stands for mechanical and factory equipment engineering products that can also be used in other settings. The idea of using furniture from item at home or in the office may seem surprising at first. However, the combination of stylish industrial aesthetics and efficient fasteners is so attractive that it just has to be put to use. The same thought occurred to some of our creative colleagues, and they promptly sharpened their pencils and got to work.

A connection that creates elegance

An earlier attempt had been abandoned when it hit a major obstacle – the lack of an internal fastener. This is a much smaller version of the standard fastener that uses plug-in technology to hold the individual tubes together. Fundamentally, the internal fastener has the same diameter as the tube it connects. This creates smooth transitions, and above all ensures a flowing, elegant aesthetic. With that final obstacle now overcome, we set out on our journey into the exciting world of interior design.

Some D30 shelving units have already been produced, and these now grace a room in our company headquarters in Solingen. As the illustrations here show, a lot more is still possible, such as tables and the sideboards in the background. For now, they are still only “virtual” designs, but there is nothing to stop them being built. In our “lean furniture” concept, we are specifically aiming to provide all-in-one solutions with no unnecessary frills that combine functionality with elegance. We would be very happy to help anyone who is looking for furniture for loft-style living or office contexts.

We value your opinion

In this setting, one factor has to be considered that is unimportant in industrial applications – no-one wants to have to put together complicated structures on their own. We can reassure you right now that customers don’t have to worry about anything. We mill the panels ourselves or have materials such as solid wood and high-quality veneers processed by a carpenter. The panels we use have a curvature that simply drops over the curve of the profile tube. Cupboard doors, shelves and table tops are all easy to create.

We simply wanted to see what would happen if Profile Tube System D30 was used in a home or office setting.
What do you think? We welcome your feedback! Feel free to contact Stefan Mostert (s.mostert (at)

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