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Formula Student – a Czech racing team is putting the pedal to the metal

The Czech Republic’s passion for motor driving knows no bounds.

We’ve already reported on the exciting Formula Student competition twice before, when we went behind the scenes to meet the racing teams Ecurie Aix (RWTH Aachen University) and Campus Motorsport (Hannover University). Now the competition is proving highly popular in the Czech Republic, too. One of the country’s many ambitious teams is VŠB from the Technical University of Ostrava (Vysoká škola báňská – Technická univerzita Ostrava) – a team that certainly isn’t afraid to put its foot down. But the race cars aren’t just judged on their speed and technology. Points are also awarded for how teams showcase design and business concept. This is exactly where our valued distribution partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Haberkorn, stepped in. Thanks to their support, the ambitious young race drivers can go full throttle.

Brilliant minds with various specialisms

Although the Technical University of Ostrava was the fifth technical university to sign up to Formula Student, it was really just a question of time. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in the country to study engineering. Before its transformation in 1904, the technical university was previously a mining academy. Over the course of the Czech Republic’s eventful history, it performed well and continued to grow. Innovative minds at its seven faculties devoted to research and development secure a high number of patents.

Right from the start, the focus has been on promoting a lively exchange between research and business. Nowadays, the university even boasts a successful start-up incubator. Passion, an interdisciplinary approach and an openness to new things – these are the ideal qualifications for participating in Formula Student. It’s no wonder that numerous faculties are putting their heart and soul into the competition. That’s also why it appeals not just to mechanical engineering students, but to students on business, material technology and metallurgy courses, too.

Haberkorn and item offer their know-how for Formula Student

Given the Formula Student team’s ambitions and capabilities, it was a perfect fit for a collaboration with Haberkorn. With the Technical University of Ostrava only 30 minutes’ drive away from the Haberkorn office in Mokré Lazce, cooperation between the two was made even easier. The initial task was to create three display boards that are needed, amongst other things, to present ideas to sponsors in the pit lane. Once the material had been prepared by Haberkorn employees, it was the students’ turn to have a go. During a tour of the Haberkorn site in Mokré Lazce, they had the chance to get to know some of our products.

Students were particularly impressed by the flexibility and light weight of item profiles. Both aspects are of vital importance for an international competition that involves a great deal of travel. It was then time for them to put together their display boards, which they built using Line 8 profiles from our MB Building Kit System. Last year, the team also used a transport trolley to bring tools quickly and securely to the pit lane. Due to time constraints, Haberkorn employees built the trolley, using Line 5 profiles. The students used all their free time for the fine tuning of the race car. We wish them much success and fun for the upcoming races!

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