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Quick pit stop for Campus Motorsport

The Campus Motorsport team is starting this year’s Formula Student race season with a brand new pit and tool trolley.

item has had dealings with this competition before, having previously provided the team from RWTH Aachen University with a perfect exhibition stand. This new challenge, however, was much closer to the real action and required a practical solution that the team from Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts could use at the weekend race meetings. The Campus Motorsport team under the technical direction of Roman Stöcker had previously been forced to use a modified generic trolley to transport its equipment. Although it was big enough for all the various materials and the driver’s gear, it lacked flexibility and couldn’t be divided up into smaller sections to allow rapid access. What’s more, the toolbox was only connected to the trolley by a makeshift arrangement.

High-profile racing

Anyone familiar with our MB Building Kit System will know this challenge was right up our street and the item team was literally in pole position when Campus Motorsport approached us with its fully developed concept, including dimensions and requirements. The task of developing this concept had been given to the two newest members of the 27-strong race team for the 2017 season as their first job.

During a visit to item, the students were able to witness the flexibility of our profile technology as our design engineers finalised the design ready for production and cut the aluminium profiles to size. The students themselves then completed the quick and easy assembly of their new item pit and tool trolley.

item pit and tool trolley

The impressive result will open up new opportunities for Campus Motorsport. The item pit and tool trolley provides easy access to tools, helmets, spare wheels and replacement parts, while locked compartments offer secure storage for valuables and documents. In short, the team can now quickly relocate its pit area and keep everything it needs in easy reach close to the vehicle.

Naturally, there’s much more to come, though. Thanks to its modular design, the pit and tool trolley is easy to extend, and there are already medium-term plans for further additions – including a laptop holder, a parasol holder and possibly its very own music system. The end result would be very similar to the professional conditions in the big-name racing teams. It also reflects the Formula Student teams’ commitment to the competition.

Getting into motor racing

Campus Motorsport Hannover was founded in 2007 as FHH-Motorsport at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and has been competing in Formula Student since 2009. The wide range of disciplines offered by the university is a big advantage. There are around 10,000 students on a total of 60 accredited degree programmes in five different faculties – not only engineering and economics, but also numerous media and creative courses. The Campus Motorsport team includes students from virtually all disciplines. Their shared goal is to design a formula racing car.

The mechanical engineering, business management, electrical engineering, information technology, information systems, design and journalism students assign tasks within the team in the same way as a professional racing team. From project management to component integration, everyone works towards a common goal and can contribute and improve their own know-how. The synergy effects resulting from this deliberate interdisciplinary approach enable the team and its members to make good progress.

Career launch pad

The project management team controls and manages all team processes, which makes it a key success factor. Such a big project can’t work without centralised planning and a clear division of tasks. Especially when it comes to finding sponsors, it’s vital to identify requirements and get talking to appropriate companies earmarked as potential sponsors and development partners at an early stage. Ensuring everything runs smoothly and creating a professional image are key factors here and it’s up to the project management team to set an example.
The level of commitment required in the Campus Motorsport team does more than just prepare students for their subsequent working lives. For some team members, it also represents their first step towards higher racing classes and, ultimately, a career in professional motorsport. That doesn’t make the race events in which Campus Motorsport is involved any less important. Even at this level, 15 to 20 team members are required at the circuit to get the most out of the racing car.


Campus Motorsport always selects team members as drivers – but no-one starts off as a driver. Everyone who has made an outstanding contribution to the team and demonstrated an appropriate level of commitment is given the chance to take the car out on the circuit. The most talented drivers move on to the next stage and are prepared for racing with intensive training. You don’t have to be a licensed racing driver to compete in Formula Student, though.

During the current season, the Campus Motorsport drivers will compete against the other teams in a completely restyled Pegasus 17. Combined with colour accents from the corporate design, the car’s streamlining and newly developed aerodynamics make it a real eye-catcher. This summer, the Pegasus 17 will be speeding round circuits at locations such as Varano de’ Melegari in Italy, Most in the Czech Republic and Györ in Hungary.

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