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New from item

The latest new products from item make it even easier to achieve innovative Karakuri solutions, new applications for safe factory equipment engineering and optimum work bench lighting.

Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8, Roller Set 8 D30-30 and Tool Balancers with synthetic fibre cables are three products that boost efficiency in the design of mechanical automation solutions. The new Spotlights 6W LED, meanwhile, light up the dark, helping users by providing the optimum lighting for work benches and integrating seamlessly into the existing lighting range from item. Further additions to the components in the item Hook and Holder System make it easier to keep the work bench well organised. And when it comes to moving pallets, trolleys and containers with forklifts and working at mobile work benches or racks, the new Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40 and Jacking Castor D80 provide perfect support.

Precision movement of light loads

Our new components for low-cost automation applications offer added flexibility for implementing Karakuri solutions. Heavy small load carriers (SLCs) are usually ideal for purely mechanical automation systems, as they initiate the associated processes by virtue of their weight alone. A combination of Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8, Roller Set 8 D30-30 and three different Tool Balancers with synthetic fibre cables offers an especially lean solution. Users benefit most from using these robust products in low-maintenance transport applications for light SLCs. For example, the new components can be integrated into low-cost automation applications to help boost ergonomics at industrial work benches.

The compact Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8 can be inserted very easily into the standard Fastener D30. Thanks to the exceptionally easy-running and low-friction bearing, the construction kit is ideally suited for use in hatch designs. Karakuri solutions like these involve placing the workpiece carrier or SLC on the hatch, causing it to fold down and transport the carrier/SLC via an incline. Double Pivot Bearing Unit D30-28.5 M8  enables rotary motions with profiles that are only secured at one end, i.e. when seeking to move light parts in a tight space.

The all-important advantage to Roller Set 8 D30-30 is that there is no need to incorporate an additional guide profile in the frame for moving components such as carriages, cables or counterweights. The double ball-bearing rollers run very smoothly with low wear. Designs are rounded off to perfection with the new Tool Balancers that feature highly flexible synthetic fibre cables. Unlike steel cables, these synthetic counterparts can be routed around even small rollers without wear or splaying.

Perfectly lit work benches

Perfectly prepared for use in harsh industrial environments – that is the key feature of the new Spotlights 6W LED. Cutting-edge LED technology, illuminance of 20,000 Lux and an optimum colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin create the best possible lighting conditions for focused, efficient working practices. Due to their compact shape and the IP65 protection their casings offer against dust and water ingress, they are ideal for use in tight machine cabins. With a service life of more than 50,000 operating hours, they are exceptionally low maintenance. Spotlights 6W LED are available with lighting angles of 10 and 35 degrees. This ensures the working area can be lit up at specific points or over a wider area, as required.

The additions to the item Hook and Holder System make it even easier to efficiently organise tools and equipment directly at the work bench. While Container Holder 8 holds inherently stable containers securely in place, Single Hooks 8 40×20 and 80×20 and Double Hook 8 80×20 are ideal for hanging up tools and clothing. The loops of stainless steel wire are each bent up at the end to stop articles slipping off and to minimise the risk of injury.

Order and safety for intralogistics

The latest additions to the MB Building Kit System are all about maximum safety and full process control in intralogistics. For example, item has developed Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40. This acts, on the one hand, as a guide rail for the forks of floor conveyors when moving trolleys and containers safely. On the other hand, because it is fitted to the underside of the profile frame on a load carrier, it also stops forks damaging the frame. Since Forklift Pocket 8 St 260x90x40 fully envelops the forks, it also effectively stops the load from slipping or tipping when being carried over uneven floor surfaces.

The new Jacking Castors D80 with Foot Pedal for mobile work benches or racks bring added stability to intralogistics applications. They combine a height-adjustable castor with a non-slip knuckle foot to ensure a secure hold while work is being carried out. A foot pedal allows staff to lower the castor without having to bend uncomfortably. A simple foot-operated action also raises the work bench or rack again so it can be moved to the next location.

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