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Home improvement projects with item

Aluminium profile technology can also be used in interesting projects at home.

Previous blog entries have tended to focus on unusual uses for item solutions, and there have certainly been plenty of those – from a protective roof for tomato plants and a table-tennis table right through to a composter and a door displaying family photos. This demonstrates both the wide range of applications our aluminium profiles support and the creativity of our staff. We recently found out about two more interesting home improvement projects. Both deal with typical challenges that will be familiar to many homeowners.

Perfect protection for your scooter

Determined to protect his scooter from icy weather conditions, an item employee came up with the idea of building a motorcycle garage. However, with only a small space available on sloping ground, using a ready-made shed from a home improvement store wasn’t an option. The only solution was to build it himself from scratch. By using Line 8 profiles from item and weatherproof plastic panels, he was able to tailor the structure perfectly to the site. He chose Profiles 8 40×40 light with closed grooves for the sides and painted them green.

He attached the roof to the sides at a 5° incline with mitre fasteners. Assembled using Profiles 8 40×40 and heavy-duty universal fasteners, the roof can carry even high snow loads. A small truss also helps to stabilise the load-bearing surface of eight square metres. Hinges 8 Al and Door Lock 6-8 Zn were used for the 1.4-metre-wide door. Thanks to this protection, it’s also being used to keep various garden appliances safe and dry alongside the scooter.

Partying with profiles

Another item employee has been working on a different, but no less exciting, home improvement project. Since he was having a new house built anyway, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to install a basement party room with all the classic fixtures and fittings. Basement party rooms may have been more on-trend in 1980s Germany, but they do have something of a cult status. The proud homeowner took lots of inspiration from his work as a customer adviser, particularly when it came to deciding on the look. He had Line 6 profiles from the MB Building Kit System cut to size and then got to work building a bar.

The end result is outstanding – the combination of aluminium profiles and panel elements made of satin-finished, opal-tinted Acrylic Glass create an elegant minimalist look. Partygoers have been highly impressed and there is a surprising amount of space, with drinks on the left and all the tech on the right. But there is always room for improvement, something we have learned from the continuous improvement process. The bar is fully functional, but will be subject to a few optimisations.

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