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From compost to couture: Diversity with item

Profile technology is certainly not just for industrial applications.

Whether a mobile juice bar, ChemCar, soapbox or Euro 2016 oracle, we’ve already seen some pretty striking and unusual examples of how our products can be used. That got us thinking – what kind of ideas do our colleagues at item work on when they get home from their day job? When we looked into it, we came across two very interesting hobby projects and of course we couldn’t keep them to ourselves! We also found out about a project in Israel which, although not run by our colleagues, is no less remarkable.

Stable compost protection

One of our colleagues from Nossen was having problems with the composter in his garden at home. Not only was the old design starting to look a bit tired, but some nightly visitors were also gnawing away at the plastic to get at the tasty contents of the compost inside, while others were managing to remove virtually every type of lid imaginable. There was no doubt that the compost was a tempting tasty treat for these creatures, so a new and better solution had to be found!

The keen gardener sat down with one of our project engineers to design a new composter based on our profiles. Their ideas were expertly transformed into a practical solution and the compost is now finally safe from intruders. The design is based on the aluminium profiles of Line 8 40×40 with closed profile grooves. There is a large hinged filler hatch and simple screw-fastened removable flap at the top and a large unloading opening in the front, at the bottom. Aluminium Perforated Sheet has been used to provide ventilation at the sides and top.

Another colleague unleashed his creativity to inject a bit of fun into something pretty practical, using Profile X 8 40×40 to build a fireside “photo door” for the living room. The door can be opened to access the heating distribution system, electrics and the fireside accessories. Magnetic Door Stop 8 holds the door firmly shut. Meanwhile, our Panel-Fixing Strips have been fitted to the front of the door to hold family photos in place and create a stunning design.

Simply stylish – item supports a passion for fashion

We recently received a report from our Israeli sales partner, Automation Yeruham & Co Ltd., in Cholon, which had been commissioned by a prestigious firm of architects to fit out a fashion boutique. The shop in question is in the Dizengoff Center, a shopping mall in the heart of Tel Aviv. On working days, up to 20,000 visitors pass through the huge building, which was the first of its type in Israel and was built between 1972 and 1983.

Some six weeks after first getting in touch, the architects had finally completed their designs. Now it was time for our partner to get to work. The end result included exceptionally stable changing rooms with additional mirrors, chic sales desks, rear walls, partitions, counters and shelves – all built using profiles from our MB Building Kit System and our panel elements. You can take a look at the elegant decor of the boutique here:

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