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How our profiles caused a stir at a local art festival

“The cubes” were the centre of attention at the Solingen Güterhallenfest art festival. Ten cubic frames built with item profiles were created to frame the artists’ installations.

For more than ten years now, the art festival known as “Güterhallenfest” has been a true institution in the Solingen arts scene. Every year, the artists’ colony based in the warehouse of Solingen’s old central rail station invites members of the public to the two-day event. This year’s festival, held on 12 and 13 May with the slogan “2.5 cubed – packed in a box”, was another complete success. Visitors had the chance to venture into the warehouse’s forecourt and admire outdoor art installations displayed in ten cubed frames, which were 2.5 by 2.5 metres in size. Spread across the field, these cubes made for a rather unusual exhibition. Behind it all was our Profile Tube System D30. It’s no secret that we attach great importance to promoting young talent and art and are fascinated with all sorts of design.

Impressive cubic presentation

item profile technology has already shown itself to be ideal for building trade fair stands or even pieces of furniture – but using it to “frame” a work of art is something entirely new. The cubes, which formed a narrative through the exhibition space, were originally going to be built from roof battens. But the organisers quickly came across a much more user-friendly solution. “Thank goodness item then offered to provide us with their building kit system profiles, which we used to create our frames,” says artist and spokesman Peter Amann.

The underlying idea is as simple as it is effective. Each artist decorated one of the ten cubes in their own unique style to present their installation and creative interpretation in the best possible light. Special requests such as cross profiles were no problem at all – the artists were free to let their creativity run wild inside the cubes. As evening fell, things got even better, as an impressive light installation drew the visitors’ eyes to the cubes yet again.

Sturdy – all thanks to item

While building the cubes, item staff were on hand to give the artists all the support they could and to make sure the frames were constructed properly. The Profile Tubes, Angle Brackets, Fasteners and, in some cases, double profiles from our Lean Production Building Kit System ensured the cubes were stable and secure. Our user-friendly and quick-fix fasteners really showed what they were made of – the artists were astounded at how easy it was to build the frames with item solutions. Without any instructions, one participant started tinkering about with the profiles and was amazed at how simple and effortless the whole assembly process was. Even festival visitors showed their appreciation for the unusual presentation of the artworks.

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