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Industry 4.0 is the Talk of the Town in Leon, Mexico

Hannover Messe brings Innovation and Ideas to Mexico

From October ninth to eleventh, Leon Mexico played host to a plethora of leaders, innovators, and creators from across the manufacturing industry, gathered for Industrial Transformation Mexico 2019. The common thread across every event: preparing for Industry 4.0.

What is Industry 4.0?

Simply put, Industry 4.0 is the term given to the ongoing transformation in the manufacturing industry thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. The “4.0” represents the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. The first industrial revolution is known for creating mechanization through water and steam power, the second is represented by mass production and assembly lines using electricity, and the third included the adoption of computers and automation.

Germany and Mexico, Partners in Industry and Innovation

Industrial Transformation Mexico is a branch event of Hannover Messe, the world’s leading industrial technology show. Held annually in Germany, Hannover Messe brands itself as the “home of industrial pioneers.”

Why the partnership and branch event in Mexico? Germany is Mexico’s third-largest trading partner and its largest trading partner in Europe. Governments and private sectors of both countries are eager to stay ahead of new industrial developments, leading the way into Industry 4.0.

Getting Women Involved

An entire afternoon at ITMexico was dedicated to how women can find a role in Industry 4.0. Recognized as an industry leader, Advancing Women Engineers representatives delivered a keynote address and joined other manufacturing experts to discuss steps being taken toward narrowing the gender gap and continuing that trend into Industry 4.0. When asked what the discussion would center around in 2029, several panel members including AWE’s Rebecca Waddell, explained they wish to no longer need to dedicate afternoons to the topic at conferences, that having women involved in STEM would not be a special topic but instead a regular occurrence. Said Waddell:

“With fewer females already in the industry, it’s difficult for younger or aspiring engineers to find another woman in the industry who they can look up to ad possibly have as a mentor. They exist, but they’re not always easy to find. That’s where AWE comes in, because by featuring women who are breaking glass ceilings now, we hope that in ten, twenty years, we will have female engineers in the industry who can say they were inspired by women we featured and brought to their attention.”

 A Who’s Who in the Crowd

The Industrial Transformation Mexico website recapped the event, explaining more than 10,000 industry specialists attended along with 200 leaders of both the private and public sectors. 50 conferences, workshops, and seminars were held and the trade show floor featured more than 230 exhibitors from ten different countries.

With a crowd like that, an event can get overwhelming. The presence of common themes such as the preparation for Industry 4.0 made it easy to take what one was viewing and apply it to the theories behind Industry 4.0. For example, countless exhibitors chose to feature their robotics capabilities. Upon entry to the hall, four robot arms welcomed you by playing familiar music on keyboard pianos. Other robotic arms dueled with Star Wars-style lightsabers, and a fully automated model of Star Wars R2-D2 droid followed guests around the floor.

When autonomous robots lead the world into Industry 4.0, you can rest assured that the public and private sectors of both Germany and Mexico – as well as the many other countries that also host branch Hannover Messe events – are prepared to face it head-on and develop effective solutions.



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