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item America at The Assembly Show 2019: News from Booth 139

Impressions from one of the most important manufacturing trade shows in the US.

There are many trade shows and conferences dedicated to the countless facets of the manufacturing industry. Some of these shows are huge and some are quite small. Somewhere in the middle on size, but at the top in terms of impact is The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois, sponsored by Assembly Magazine.

The Show

The Assembly Show, like its magazine namesake, serves the greater assembly manufacturing industry and those companies that support it. While robotics, automation, and other efficiency systems are popular at the show, attendees will find a broad range of representation including building systems, parts, software and more.  On the evening of October 22, the 2019 Assembly Show had its official kick-off celebration with a “Taste of Rosemont” reception and official show preview. Local restaurants and catering companies set up tables around the tradeshow floor while attendees walked around getting a taste of great food and a preview of the show to come.  Over the course of that first night and the following two days, item America was on site with a booth full of creative solutions for various manufacturing challenges. Regional sales managers Jered Lance (IN, OH, KY), Brandon Cross (MI), Jerry Seidl (WI) and Mark Bilandzic (IL and MO) made for a great team of local professionals to guide attendees through the range of item products and offerings.

The Booth

At the front of the booth (and customers’ minds) was an example of item’s superior work bench system technology. Fondly referred to as the “Apsimus Prime”, this height-adjustable work bench never ceases to amaze! With various moveable tool holders, trays, and balancers, the Apsimus Prime shows just how ergonomic a work bench can be. Task lighting and other features made this work bench a big draw at The Assembly Show.

Also popular were two examples of low-cost automation solutions item had in the booth. One example was a small karakuri exhibit found in the front of the booth. This simple solution was designed to show how gravity, inertia, and counterweight can move an object (in this case, a small bin) down a roller line without the use of powered automation.

The second low-cost automation example really got peoples’ attention! This solution is an industrial work bench with a karakuri system attached. An empty parts bin could be “sent back” to be filled and then replaced with a “full” bin. Attendees of the show repeatedly asked the booth staff to repeat the process so they could video the action from start to finish!

The booth was rounded out with additional exhibits showing item TPS (Stairway and Platforms), MB Building System (square tube profiles), guarding and enclosure options, and linear automation systems.

Among the hundreds of attendees to pass through the booth was an exclusive tour led by Austin Weber, Senior Editor at Assembly Magazine of about 20 interested attendees. Using the TPS stairway and platform exhibit, Jered Lance spoke to the group, pointing out newer product offerings and giving a short overview of the various item product lines. The tour group attendees expressed a great deal of interest in the flexibility and synergy offered by the various item product lines.
Every October, item America looks forward to The Assembly Show and the chance it affords to show new products and highlight existing ones. This year’s show did not disappoint: The Assembly Show 2019 provided a great opportunity for the item team to make new contacts and catch up with existing customers.



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