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Making it to Modex 2020

Impressions from one of the largest manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain shows in the United States.

item Southeast was excited to be part of the largest logistics trade show of the year as manufacturing and supply chain professionals gathered in Atlanta, Georgia in early March.

Creativity Draws a Crowd

item Southeast Director of Sales Stephan Koch and Regional Sales Manager Gene Reynolds were able to provide detailed and thorough explanations of item innovation to everyone who dropped in. Based in the Southeast area, these item Experts provided a glimpse into the creative, problem-solving attitude championed by item teams around the globe when tackling customer concerns. Well-versed in the capability, versatility, and adaptability of item, these local professionals answered questions from intrigued audiences regarding the displays that moved, adjusted, or opened and closed.

Making it to modex 2020

The most attention-grabbing feature on the booth, a 3M Karakuri, caught attention for its movement as it conveyed trays from one end of the exhibit to the other. In a short span, it showcased both de-stacking and re-stacking capabilities as a demonstration of what features could be added along a customers’ Karakuri line.

Movement wasn’t the only thing that drew crowds to item’s booth. A touchscreen display, mounted on a frame built from Line XMS by item, kept a playlist of item America’s YouTube channel showing tutorials and real solution examples. With the touch of a few buttons, Stephan Koch was able to showcase the capabilities of the item Engineeringtool in detail, as an intrigued audience watched on. A few more swipes across the screen, and assets like the new Solution Center and Download Center provided an insight to inspiration clients could use when imagining their own item solutions.

Innovative Improvisation

Based on information from the World Health Organization and the CDC at the time regarding COVID-19, attendance was expected to dwindle from the originally expected 33,460 guests. item America was one of 894 exhibitors represented in 355,790 net square feet of exhibition space. To provide access to the attendees who could no longer make it to Modex, the MHI team came up with a creative solution: utilizing the power of video. Stephan Koch was filmed speaking about item innovation, the solutions and tools represented on the booth, and how these products have been or can be utilized by the diverse item clientele. Distributed online, this video will help share the innovation of item with a digital audience!

At the end of the week, the item America team was able to review the show with satisfaction. A successful opportunity to meet new professionals opened the door to create solutions for new groups, meeting needs and finding innovative ways to improve their processes.

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