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In Line with Safety

Exploring different item safety solutions – line by line

In industrial manufacturing, workplace safety is of the utmost importance. Safety discussions tend to focus on personal protective equipment (PPE) and ergonomic solutions, designed to protect employees from injury; however, more often protective enclosures and guards are being considered in order to provide an extra layer of security and safety around machines, robots, and production lines.

At item, there are entire product lines devoted to safety and security. The mission is twofold: to protect employees from industrial hazards and to protect costly inventory, machinery, and technology from foreign materials and accidents.

The item Enclosure and Guard System comes in a variety of dimensions, can be either stationary or mobile, and feature either solid panels or grid fencing. The possibilities are almost endless with this many options. Let’s start at the beginning and explore what goes into the item Enclosure and Guard System that ensures end-to-end safety while providing the opportunity for customization.

The MB Building Kit System from item

Perhaps at it’s most elemental level, item guarding starts with the MB Building Kit from item. The MB Building Kit is item’s original extruded aluminum profile T-slotted framing system and the system that started it all!

Offering unparalleled versatility and modularity, the MB Building Kit can be added to as needed and reconfigured as requirements change. Lightweight, yet incredibly strong, the MB Building Kit System offers framing options with no exposed connectors, eliminating tampering and ensuring safety for the employees and assets it aims to protect.

item Enclosure and Guard System

Using special components from the MB Building Kit System, guards, doors, machine enclosures and cabins can be built that use varied panel elements. Metal grating, polycarbonate sheets and numerous panels can be chosen as deemed appropriate to the application at hand. Panels can be positioned for stationary use or connected using quick-release hangers that allow panels to be easily repositioned by one person.

In line with safety

When it comes to the panels, the end user has options beyond just grating or polycarbonate. Mesh grating panels are available in various gauges, opening sizes, metals, and finishes. Solid plastic panels are available in various colors and several thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 10mm, as well as a 16mm version for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) prevention. Black panels, commonly used for light suppression of applications such as lasers and other harmful bright lights, are also available. On the opposite end of the spectrum, polycarbonate panels allow for full user visibility while providing the same level of safety.

In line with safetyFrames can be mounted to the floor with special stationary brackets or kept mobile with knuckle feet or castors. Many floor elements are height adjustable to ensure a level profile on uneven surfaces. In every case, there are various sizes and strength levels, depending on the application and location.

Have an area that needs to remain inaccessible to the general population? Special security components such as tamper-proof panel hangers and door securing devices can be used to increase security levels as required. Locks, latches and tamperproof hinges are all available. Everything is mutually compatible so that all tasks can be completed using one building kit system.

Item america - news & storiesLine XMS from item

Line XMS from item specializes in bringing safety to the realm of machine cabins, featuring profiles with special seal grooves. While the item Enclosure and Guard System promotes safety by creating sturdy barriers and secure locations, Line XMS is designed to support and enclose high precision equipment like robots, cobots and additive (3D printing) technologies.

The versatility of Line XMS from item extends far beyond machine cabins, lending itself to clean-room technology, production tunnels, enclosed offices, and more.

In line with safetyBeyond its versatility, item Line XMS is set apart from the other item lines – and the competition – due to its high functionality. Features such as integrated cable conduits, special door profiles, clean groove seals, end caps, and minimum curve radii allow for easy-to-clean exteriors and fully accessible but completely separated environments. Simply put, Line XMS keeps what belongs inside the enclosure in and keeps what doesn’t belong out.

Due to the modularity of the Line XMS product and its compatibility with the MB Building Kit System, a machine enclosure can be seamlessly integrated with the Enclosure and Guard System for an end-to-end safety solution.

The Need for Speed

With mounting importance placed on workplace safety and as new, precise technologies are introduced into production, the demand for fast, functional and modular safety and guarding systems is also growing. The value and versatility of the item safety and guarding offerings are great on their own, yet item offers another advantage: exceptionally fast turn-around times.

You need a precision solution for an important application, and you need it quickly. item has what you need; faster. Are you on a tight deadline to meet government agency or internal safety protocols? item can help you meet your deadline by providing best-in-class production times. In each case, fully assembled solutions, partially assembled solutions and kits (fully cut, machined and kitted) are available, depending on your time frame and personnel constraints.

Offering over 4000 components across multiple integrated product lines allows item to offer end-to-end safety and guarding solutions. Whether it is safety fencing, secured enclosures, machine cabins or another safety application, item can help. Let item’s team of Experts assist you in making your next safety project a success.

For more a detailed whitepaper about the item Enclosure and Guard System, click here.


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