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item Mexico and item Noreste at Expo Manufactura 2020: News from Booth 622

Impressions from one of the Most Prominent Trade Shows in Mexico

Mexico has been a champion of great changes in the manufacturing industry in recent years, promoting Industry 4.0 with robotic machinery. item Mexico and item America have been at the forefront, helping lead the way as the manufacturing industry moves forward. For more than two decades, Expo Manufactura has been serving as a platform to connect like-minded companies.

The Main Attraction

As with most trade shows, Expo Manufactura provides the opportunity for professionals and companies to network. Companies are able to showcase their latest products and services, focusing on automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, steel, electronics, and metalworking industries, along with other manufacturing sectors.
Prepared for the crowd of over 13,000 guests originating from 20 different countries, item was well-represented. A booth bursting with creative solutions to diverse manufacturing challenges was supporting by local professionals including item Mexico Sales Director Emmanuel Diaz and item Noreste General Manager Edgar Soberanes, ready to guide attendees through a range of item products and offerings.
These local professionals, well-versed in the versatility, capability, and adaptability of item, were able to answer questions from the intrigued crowds that flowed through the booth, drawn by the variety of solutions that moved, adjusted, or opened and closed.

Innovation Draws Attention

At the forefront of the booth, and the main ‘attention-grabbing’ solution on display, was an example of a Karakuri solution built using the item Lean Production Building Kit System. Interested attendees repeatedly asked the booth staff to repeat the process, sending the container down the conveyor, so that they could video the action from start to finish.
Another popular solution was a height-adjustable work bench, which never fails to impress. This examples of the item Work Bench System displayed the item expertise in ergonomics and was also equipped with tool holders, trays, and a monitor.
For those interested in the basics, a spinning display cube displayed cross-sections of the item MB Building Kit System. The Original Machine Building Kit System, it conveniently displayed just how innovative the structure of the aluminum profiles and automatic fasteners are. Combined with the motion of the spinning exhibit and the fact that the display was made out of the same material it was showcasing, it demonstrated both the style and the capability of the product to intrigued onlookers.
At the end of the show, the item Mexico and item Noreste teams were able to look back upon the week in satisfaction. It was a successful opportunity to meet new professionals and opened the door to create solutions for new groups, meeting their needs and finding innovative ways to solve their dilemmas.

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