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More than a conveyor belt configurator: the item Engineeringtool

Users of conveyance technology are now benefiting from the item Engineeringtool. Super-quick configuration, customized add-ons and numerous other functions all save time and speed up the entire process.

One key challenge when designing conveyor belts is the fact that project requirements often change along the way. For example, adjustments may be necessary due to changes in the overall size, the specific dimensions or the weight of the goods being conveyed – a time-consuming process. Each change loop normally needs to be set in motion, with someone from the design team taking on, carrying out and coordinating the relevant process. Now that the item Conveyor Belt System is available in the free item Engineeringtool, this can all be done by one person, directly and without losing any time. What you see is what you get – the software makes it easy to select conveyor belts, drive technology and the stand structure, using drag-and-drop controls to place them in a 3D environment. What’s more, these conveyor belt solutions can also be combined with other item designs.

On top of that, users enjoy all the established benefits of the item Engineeringtool, such as free and rules-based engineering, automatically generated project documentation, the creation and export of CAD data in numerous formats, a 3D assembly guide with a recommended assembly sequence, and the ability to place an order directly. The quick and easy export of CAD data into any CAD systems or as a STEP file is particularly important for conveyor belt systems.

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Whether you are looking for basic information about the item Engineeringtool or an update on the latest innovations, you will find all the relevant details about the software here – but that’s not all. You’ll also find much more including preconfigured solutions and a direct link to our item Experts.

Making conveyor belt design quicker and easier than ever before

Unlike a conventional conveyor belt configurator, which often calls for knowledge of abbreviations and product-specific details, the design process with the item Engineeringtool couldn’t be simpler. Besides complete solutions from the item Building Kit System, you can now also effortlessly design conveyor belts in this online engineering program. Simply select your required belt conveyor, add the stand structure and drive technology, configure the relevant variants, and that’s it! The first step is to choose a single conveyor (flat belt conveyor or timing belt conveyor) or a double conveyor (double flat belt conveyor or double timing belt conveyor) from the item Conveyor Belt System.

The conveyor belt is then placed in the 3D work area and configured. The next step is to add the required conveyor belt drive technology at the appropriate drive position. The location of the stand structures underneath the conveyor belt can also be determined directly from the design process. These structures “snap” automatically onto the conveyor belt. Their height can be adjusted, too. Thanks to direct process visualization, users are always able to see what the solution will ultimately look like. In the Properties window, changes can be made at any time to the selected conveying technology, such as the conveyor type, belt type, total width or axle spacing. This means companies can quickly cater to specific requirements and prepare a quotation for end customers.

User-friendly operation and options that no other conveyor belt configurator offers

The item Conveyor Belt System also ensures a particularly high level of safety in electronics production. Flat Conveyor Belt PUR ESD and Timing Belt T5 PA ESD are available for transporting electrostatically sensitive components. Both can be selected in the item Engineeringtool, as appropriate. The software’s user-friendly and intuitive operation saves a great deal of time, and not just during the actual design phase. The benefits of this tool also come into play when creating variants. If changes need to be made, the project can simply be saved and the design adapted in any way at all.

Using a conveyor belt as part of an overall design is a particular advantage, producing solutions such as machine enclosures with appropriate material supply or conveyor sections leading directly to an assembly work bench. The range of products in the item Engineeringtool is growing all the time, meaning that ever more options will be available in the future.

Engineeingtool item méxico

An example of the wide-ranging combination options in the item Engineeringtool – one belt conveyor leads to a Table, Economy Lean with Overhang, while another takes the goods away.

Speed, easy adaptation and transparent pricing

What’s more, since everything is created in the same online program, there is no need to export the relevant design. Thanks to globally unique Cx numbers, data can easily be shared with other people involved in the project. Whether it’s a case of intelligent automation to prevent design errors, documentation generated at the touch of a button, the optional output of CAD data in the required format, an animated assembly guide or a direct link to the item Online Catalogue, the item Engineeringtool is all about making processes faster and adjustments simpler. This online software solution is therefore particularly worthwhile for repetitive processes such as configuring conveyor belts. When compared with a traditional conveyor belt configurator, the advantages of the item Engineeringtool really stand out.

Example applications for the item Conveyor Belt System will be available directly in the item Online Shop in the future. Since these examples include price information for registered users, it is also possible to obtain a quick estimate for budgeting purposes without doing any actual design work. Based on an example application of this kind, users arrive at the appropriate preconfigured solution in the item Engineeringtool, which can then be customized. If users themselves create a design, the price appears directly in their cart thanks to a link with the item Online Shop. The conveyor belts and stand structures that have been ordered are delivered in no time at all. Preassembly and flat building kits keep transport and packaging costs down. Here, too, service and a customer-centric approach are top priorities at item.

Item méxico

At a glance – the entire item Conveyor Belt System is available in the item Engineeringtool.

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