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Planning assembly work benches: the advantages of online tools

This is how much simpler the item Work Bench Configurator makes planning assembly work benches!

In most cases, the majority of tasks carried out at assembly work benches are highly repetitive. This increases the likelihood of staff developing musculoskeletal conditions and thus having to take time off work. Ergonomic assembly work benches specifically help prevent this by taking account of each user’s particular physical needs. Electrically or manually height-adjustable assembly work benches and accompanying chairs form the basis for this. Further aspects include arranging equipment, tools and parts to suit the user’s reach. If electronic components are to be fitted on the planned assembly work bench, the special requirements relating to ESD work benches must also be met. In addition to this, the relevant assembly work bench must be geared to the specific tasks being carried out and the conditions on the shop floor. As a result, planning an assembly work bench in the traditional way takes quite a bit of time. An online tool such as the free Work Bench Configurator is the perfect solution. Intuitive drag-and-drop parts placement, a 3D view directly in the user’s web browser, smart functions and automatically generated project documentation all combine to make the planning process much faster.

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Configure industrial work benches online

Discover what the Work Bench Configurator can do thanks to its 3D view and smart functions – especially for ESD safety. Put together your very own manual production work bench without leaving your browser.

Configure height-adjustable assembly work benches in 3D using drag and drop placement

Like all item online tools, the Work Bench Configurator can be used directly in your web browser. Rather than having to install the tool, you can therefore simply access it on any device with an internet connection and start the planning process right away. When using a mobile device, that means you can go to the place where the assembly work bench is to be used and configure it there. You can then take and enter measurements straight away and also coordinate directly with your colleagues on site. One key benefit when it comes to designing an assembly work bench is demonstrated right from the start – there is no need for users to know the details of the various height-adjustable assembly work benches item offers or the relevant product designations when selecting their ideal solution. Based on their entries relating to (manual or electrical) height adjustment, load-carrying capacity and the number of table legs and workspaces, a special filter displays only work benches that have the selected characteristics.

Users are shown a true-to-life, detailed preview of their work bench in the 3D working area. They drag and drop equipment into this area. The placement preview automatically displays the positions in which these fixtures and fittings can be located. Intelligent functions and built-in rules ensure the configured assembly work benches, height-adjustable if necessary, are realistic. For example, the Work Bench Configurator automatically adds fastening elements. Users are thus guided through the process, but have every opportunity to customize their assembly work bench.

Plan your very own assembly work bench online – and get it delivered quickly

Besides its user-friendly design, the Work Bench Configurator offers many other advantages. For example, it is possible to use preconfigured solutions for a whole host of applications as a starting point, which saves additional time. These solutions range from compact, electrically height-adjustable work benches through to ESD-safe designs for use in an electrostatic protected area (EPA). While planning their assembly work bench, users can access technical details by clicking on info points. All key information about the project can be found in the automatically generated project documentation. This includes a unique QR code and a URL, both of which can be shared with everyone involved in the project. The planned assembly work bench can therefore be accessed directly in the Work Bench Configurator, which simplifies teamwork.

When a made-to-measure solution is called for to fit the available space, for instance, the optimized digital order-related processes of the Work Bench Configurator are a big help. What this means for users is that, regardless of whether they have configured and ordered a height-adjustable work bench in a standard size or with customized dimensions, the delivery time is identical and extremely fast. Furthermore, users can choose which of the selected accessories item is to preinstall on the work bench and which ones they would prefer to fit themselves. The main components of the work bench are always preassembled.

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Assembly work bench with ESD Protection – easy to design online

An ESD work bench is essential for the assembly of electronic components. When planning a bench of this kind, there are numerous aspects that need to be considered – from a volume-conductive ESD table-top and a dissipative table frame through to storage areas and additional components such as parts containers, all of which are ESD-safe. If further requirements arise during the planning of an assembly work bench that mean ESD protection is needed after all, this is normally associated with additional outlay. That’s not the case with the Work Bench Configurator, though! Users are asked at the outset whether they require ESD protection and this has implications for the rest of the configuration process, but it’s also just as easy to change your mind later on. With a click of the mouse, a standard height-adjustable assembly work bench can be turned into an ESD-safe design. Switching back to a standard design is equally straightforward.

Another unique feature is definition and visualisation of the electrostatic protected area (EPA), which is displayed in the form of a yellow, transparent zone. As soon as a component that is not ESD-safe is placed within the EPA, it is displayed in bright yellow as an ESD “collision”. Users are then free to decide whether they want to move, tolerate or remove components that pose a potential ESD risk. Amongst other things, the comprehensive documentation notes all products that are not dissipative, including the ones that are tolerated by the user. item ensures the bench is dissipative to DIN EN 613-40-5-1. The custom ESD measurement log is always included in the scope of supply. This is a shining example of how configuration in an online tool ultimately leads to a safe solution on the shop floor.

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