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Red Dot Award 2018 goes to the item Toolpanelsystem

Functionality and cutting-edge design – a combination that item has mastered, winning it the Red Dot Award 2018.

The more than 6,300 products competing for one of the coveted Red Dot Awards in 2018 came from a total of 59 countries, and each and every one was scrutinised by an international and independent panel of judges. As in previous years, the key criteria for winning one of the world’s most highly regarded competitions for outstanding product design included achieving the best possible combination of clear product language and innovation – and the Toolpanelsystem from item scored top marks. Thanks to its clear structure and numerous options for attaching tools, the Toolpanelsystem impressed the judges as an efficient solution for organising work benches. That saw the award added to the string of design prizes item has won.

Perfectly organised thanks to the item Toolpanelsystem

With a total of 19 system grooves on the front and rear, the aluminium Groove Plate Profile crams plenty of space for holders and accessories into the most compact dimensions. The panel-like design of Groove Plate Profile 8 helps staff organise their workstation with the greatest of ease in next to no time. Accessories and working materials can be positioned separately at the ideal height and in the perfect arrangement. Whether spanners, screwdrivers or bits, virtually any tool can be adapted to the relevant working scenario. What’s more, users simply twist corresponding holders directly into a groove, without needing any tools to do so. A work bench that has been well prepared with the item Toolpanelsystem helps deliver more efficient working processes that boost productivity.

The item Toolpanelsystem is also the ideal complement to the MB Building Kit System for ergonomic work bench design. Groove Plate Profile 8 can be combined with all other products in the Hook and Holder System, Shelves and other custom fixtures from item. Besides connecting it directly to a work bench, users can also integrate the item Toolpanelsystem into a well-organised and mobile tool carrier and thus bring more organisation and structure to many different areas of production.

Honouring the best that the industry has to offer – the Red Dot Award

The prestigious Red Dot Award is presented by the “Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen” association (Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia, or DZNRW), which looks back on a 60-year history. Established in Essen in the mid-1950s, the association operated under the name “Verein Industrieform” (Industrial Design Association) until 1990. Shortly after it was formed, it launched an annual national design competition that was initially dubbed the “Roter Punkt” and went on to become the international “Red Dot Award” around the start of the new Millennium.

In addition to product design, the prestigious Red Dot Award is also presented for outstanding achievements in the categories of Communication Design and Design Concept. Besides carrying out the typical tasks of a judging panel, members who are entitled to vote must also have exhibitions and publications to their name. The Red Dot Award 2018 won by the item Toolpanelsystem singles out its ease of use and consistent design language. No matter what products or solutions the designers and product engineers at item are working on, their aim is always to achieve the perfect synthesis of functionality and design. Of course, it’s all the more rewarding when that hard work is officially recognised – as it has been with the Red Dot Award 2018.

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