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Workplace environments are central to job satisfaction

Mona Rafiee, an Industrial Engineer for Hydrogenics, accomplishes her work potential and achieves job satisfaction while working in an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Historically, Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology (STEM) fields have long been academic study and career choices not primarily dominated by women. According to recent statistics, college-educated women are less than half as likely as men to be employed in science and engineering jobs.

There is a high demand for engineers across all industries. The aptitude and skills that are necessary to succeed at engineering are not gender exclusive. As a matter of fact, through awareness campaigns, educational efforts and due to changing perceptions, the realization of women enrolling in and considering engineering career choices is finally coming to fruition.

An increasing number of women are making the career choice to enter the engineering field and are excelling in their roles. Improving the methodology, and devising better ways in which people, resources, and information processes enable goal accomplishment, is inherent to the high problem-solving skill set that women in engineering must possess. A work environment that is diverse and supportive enhances optimization of these engineering skills, ensuring successful project outcomes, and builds confidence and job satisfaction.

Mona Rafiee is thriving in a work environment that is conducive to her job satisfaction.

The landscape is changing

Of course, we all recognize famous pioneering female contributors, and probably personally know many more women, having a significant impact in the development and progress of the world as we know it today.

These women, whether working in the private or public STEM sectors, whose career choices have a hand in the betterment and advancement of human existence, exemplify the counterculture.

Today the benefits of workplace inclusivity, and institutional recognition of the advantages of encouraging STEM advancement in women beginning at a very young age, breaks down workplace barriers.

Workplace cultures fostering equality and diversity allow for tapping into and utilization of valuable assets. Brilliant female engineer talent pools offer fresh perspectives and a multitude of STEM competencies in challenging industry environments.

Mona Rafiee, an Industrial Engineer for Hydrogenics, is one of these amazing women.

Stay true to yourself

Rafiee enjoys the diverse workplace at Hydrogenics because the environment encourages thinking outside the box and aligns with the creative side of engineering that she appreciates. It also involves many problem-solving experiences when working on challenging projects. Workplace equality is also a positive factor for Rafiee at Hydrogenics, because there is no ceiling on the career advancement opportunities available to her. This atmosphere adds to Rafiee’s job satisfaction.

In other words, Rafiee can still be herself at work as an engineer, who also happens to be a woman, intelligently tackling projects with confidence that her abilities and expertise are valuable aspects of delivering successful and desirable outcomes. “I can be ‘feminine’ and still be very smart and be a great problem solver, “ Rafiee proclaims.

Ideally, more work environments will embrace inclusive and diverse working environments as a given for all employees.

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