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7 Gifts for the Engineer in Your Life

What do you get the analytical, engineering mind in your life? The item Experts and Advancing Women Engineers team are here to help.

The mind of an Engineer is endlessly analytical, and they are most inclined to find enjoyment in creation and science. The skill to do so can be considered a gift. What do you get these investigative personalities as an actual gift when the holidays come around? The team at Advancing Women Engineers has developed a list of ideas for those who are still finishing their last-minute shopping.

Subscription to an Industry Magazine

Does the engineer in your life enjoy staying up on the latest news and information? A subscription to an industry publication will help them keep up with the latest and greatest news in the engineering field. A short internet search of “Magazines for Engineering Industry” will yield a variety of results, and you’ll be able to select one that is the best fit for the recipient’s interests!

Keep it Ergonomic

If your engineering friends or loved ones are constantly complaining about the amount of time they spend in a desk chair or at the computer in an uncomfortable position, do them (and their bodies) a favor by providing an ergonomic solution proven to relieve physical strain. Need an idea? The item Chair, Low-Level, PU is a desk chair with AGR’s seal of approval, a leading authority on identifying back-friendly products that provide spinal column support, physical relief, and do not act as a burden for the user. item also offers footstools and bar-level chairs, so that ergonomic options are available no matter what your office setup looks like.

New Tech Toy

What latest tech advancement has been all the buzz this year? The inventive and innovative minds you can find in every engineer will more than likely enjoy the opportunity to play around and utilize new tech in exciting new ways. A new piece of tech might simplify their work processes or give them the freedom to utilize new software and features. That piece of tech may lead to the next groundbreaking advancement in their engineering work, and they’ll have you to thank for it.

Building Kit

The usefulness of toys like Legos has been proven to have a significant impact on developing better spatial relationship skills in youth, benefiting those kids who pursue a STEM-based career path in the future. What better way to continue the development of spatial skills as an adult than to find a grown-up equivalent of Legos? The item sample kits are a great alternative, allowing users to get hands-on with the lightweight and versatile aluminum elements, creating everything from a hammer to a dog. You can enter your info to receive an MB Sample kit here.

Smart Art

STEM is sometimes referred to as STEAM, particularly in areas where the arts are incorporated in pursuit of a creative addition to the fields of engineering, science, and mathematics. How can you incorporate art into your favorite engineer’s life? By adding some smart art. Whether it’s patent prints or renderings, a bit of art can inspire your engineer in their day-to-day work.


Analytical minds enjoy the challenge of constantly learning something new, and what better way to do that than giving the gift of knowledge! Research your local bookstore for publications on engineering in general, or get specific and provide a book on your loved one’s specific interests.


Is the engineer in your life all about new gadgets and tools? Some view tools as toys, new and exciting to play with. The best way to please these individuals is to gift useful objects, like new tools! You can view item products in the Online Catalogue to determine if your engineer would enjoy a new tool balancer, a tool holder, pliers, or wrenches.

Now that you have the tips and tricks from item and the Advancing Women Engineers team, we wish you a happy and successful holiday season.
Now gift away, gift away, gift away all!


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