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An Open (Virtual) House

Opening our doors in 2020 isn’t quite the same – but item found a way to share our facility and ingenuity virtually.

A Virtual Tour

On December 3rd, item America found a way to open its doors for its second-ever open house: virtually. Expert-led training sessions and a facility tour provided a draw for attendees interested in learning more about item innovation.

Director of Sales Ben Hull spent time filming the Hagerstown, Maryland facility to provide attendees with a glimpse into the item America headquarters for North America and Latin America. Compiled into one fluid video, attendees were given a full tour from the perspective of someone walking around the facility. From the saws, to the routers, to the assembly area, they were given a glimpse behind the scenes of item innovation.

Expert Training

Four different sessions led by item Experts, in addition to two question-and-answer sessions, created a day full of learning. Design Engineer Brian MacDonald opened the morning session with a presentation on item’s digital tools. Beginning with the Online Catalogue, Brian walked users through assets available free of charge and able to assist in their solution-planning process. He went on to introduce attendees to the renowned item Configurators, like the item Engineeringtool, and their capabilities in allowing users to design a solution on their own to fit their needs.

Business Solutions and Product Manager Stephan Koch, dialing in from the South Carolina office of item America, next demonstrated ‘item’s Wide Range of Innovations.’ Beginning in the 1980’s, Stephan ventured into the history of item and how the innovative principles that started item as the Original Building Kit System have continued to present themselves in lines still being created today. Even the Machine Building Kit System is being reinvented and reapplied in new, inventive ways; for example, the need for Containment Solutions that has arisen in 2020.

Director of Sales Ben Hull returned in the afternoon for two more sessions. The first, ‘item Meets Robotics,’ focused on the integration of item Linear Systems as well as the compatibility of item solutions and carts with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The second presentation featured the item Academy to users. This free-of-charge tool aims to train users on the capabilities of item and the philosophies behind product lines.

A Repeat Event

Seeing as the oft-used phrase ‘the new normal’ is the most apt description for events going forward, item America looks forward to hosting more of these virtual open houses and digital trainings, providing accessible knowledge to our audience.
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