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item has joined the Society for Labour Sciences

We are delighted to come on board and look forward to engaging in dynamic, interdisciplinary dialogue.

item is now a member of Germany’s Society for Labour Sciences (GfA). Founded in 1953, this association strives to promote working conditions that are efficient and healthy in equal measure. With this in mind, the GfA provides a platform for discussions between different academic and practical work-related disciplines, including ergonomics, occupational health and safety, occupational medicine, business studies and law. In other words, the Society for Labour Sciences serves as a dedicated forum for dialogue centred on research and industrial practices. Since the very beginning, working hand-in-hand with the research community has been high on the agenda at item, as we are keen to keep bang up-to-date in the relevant disciplines.

Research and industry – a close connection

By maintaining such close ties with university researchers, we are generally able to spot trends early on and incorporate new findings into new products on an ongoing basis. This puts us in an even better position to continuously improve and expand the item Work Bench System. This is particularly crucial in labour sciences, as digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are throwing up fundamental questions regarding ergonomics. We therefore always try to keep our finger on the pulse, and we have kitted out a string of universities with equipment such as laboratories and training workshops. Our experts are keen to share their knowledge, too – for example by actively helping to teach lean production at the CETPM at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. What’s more, the higher education landscape is the ideal place for forging contacts with talented and motivated future recruits. By writing their dissertation at item, students have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience.

State-of-the-art ergonomic work bench design

Production work usually involves having to carry out the same manual tasks over and over again. As workers are very much limited in terms of how they can position their body, they quickly develop poor posture, which can cause lasting damage. Employers should therefore always provide their workforce with the best possible working environment. The top priority is to adapt the workplace to employees’ specific requirements, which is why end-to-end variability is one of the stand-out features of the item Work Bench System. Using this solution, key aspects such as material, tool and information supply as well as lighting can be tailored to each person’s physical proportions and capabilities.

Another advantage of the Work Bench System is its modular design. After all, despite the in-depth planning that goes on, manual work benches in industrial settings are always a work in progress. Additional adjustments are necessary to respond to ever-changing requirements. Storage surfaces are frequently needed, for example, and these can be provided quickly and easily by slotting into place an integrated rack. Thanks to the building kit system’s design, taking the rack away again is just as straightforward. As the first, and to date only, industrial work bench system supplier to receive the seal of approval from the Campaign for Healthy Backs (AGR), item is recommended by Germany’s Forum for Back Health – live better and the Association of German Back Schools. The decision to award our company the AGR seal shows just how effective collaboration between the worlds of industry and research can be.

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