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A mobile make-up station with style

An entrepreneur from Chemnitz has developed a mobile make-up station to make the day-to-day work of make-up artists easier.

Whether they’re on a film set, catwalk or in a theatre dressing room, stylists work in lots of different locations and often need to be mobile. This means carrying about equipment such as straighteners, hairbrushes, hair dryers, tweezers and of course make-up and other styling products. Most of the time, stylists and make-up artists work under changing and difficult lighting and environmental conditions. Luckily, multi-talented designer and inventor Marcel Möder has come up with a very special solution to these challenges. With the help of profiles from the MB and Lean Production Building Kit Systems, not to mention the Work Bench System, he has fashioned a mobile make-up station with lots of handy functions that make day-to-day work easier for professional stylists. You can tell Möder is a big fan of sophisticated fold-out and fold-away systems just by looking at his online shop “”, where he sells products ranging from mobile bars through to foldaway table football tables.

From performance art to profile technology

After changing career paths for health reasons, Möder worked for several years as a performance artist, appearing in different roles at trade fairs and other events. Faced time and again with poor working conditions during his sometimes elaborate costume changes, Möder craved a mobile workstation suited to his line of work that provided professional lighting and maximum convenience. “I just was not satisfied with the special designs available on the market. They were too bulky and didn’t offer enough of the functions I needed in my work,” Möder explains.

Möder’s idea for his Styling-Case Pro product range consequently took shape, and he designed various different styling cases based on his specific needs. For his “Master Three” model, which also features a dressing space with a privacy screen, he turned to our profile technology. The Master Three mobile make-up station, the first of four constructions, features drawer units, multiple built-in power sockets, fixtures and pivot arms for styling tools and a mirror with three different colour and brightness levels (from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin). On the reverse, there’s a wardrobe with a screened-off dressing space that offers extra storage for clothes and other bits and bobs.

A system with style – a mobile make-up station for professionals

Initially, Möder thought about working with conventional construction materials traditionally used for building stages. However, the inquisitive designer – who has no background in industry – stumbled across an item product catalogue at a trade association in his region, and was impressed by our profile technology’s look and modular design. “I was won over by the compact dimensions and versatility of the products. item offers me a whole lot of options even just in terms of handles, roller elements and hinges.” Apart from the modified mirror, he therefore opted exclusively for components from the MB Building Kit System.

It only took Möder around four months to turn his initial idea into a finished construction plan. But that doesn’t stop the entrepreneur from constantly tweaking his designs, taking advantage of our profile technology’s versatility in the process. At the moment, he is toiling away on another mobile solution with individual mirrors. He also often travels to local trade fairs to exhibit his concept, and a completely finished product is yet to emerge from the mobile make-up station prototype. Möder has been overwhelmed by the extremely positive response, including at the curated exhibitions “The Saxony State Award for Design” and the “Designers’ Open” in 2018.

Anyone interested can already lay their hands on Möder’s professional mirrors (W/H 85 x 180 cm, W/H from 60 x 600 cm) – as stationary models and with customised functions. They are particularly suitable for fitting rooms in clothing shops or for styling customers in cosmetic studios and hairdressing salons.

You can find further information about these products on the website of FALTFIX.DESIGN.

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