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Mechanical engineering podcasts – ten interesting tips

Free and accessible round the clock, podcasts offer in-depth and carefully prepared content – including about mechanical engineering.

Since you can listen to them any time, any place, podcasts are essentially an extension of the conventional radio format – and an increasingly popular one at that. According to an eminent online study conducted by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, around 22 percent of 14 to 29 year-olds in Germany listened to at least one podcast a week in 2018. That’s quite a jump from the two percent recorded in 2012. Podcasts are becoming ever more important in a professional context too, providing listeners with a rundown of the very latest developments in their sector. Be it on a smartphone, tablet or computer, listeners can subscribe to their favourite podcasts and play them exactly when it suits them best – when their mind is clear but their hands are tied because they’re on the road, busy with coursework or out for a jog.

Mechanical engineering topics in a podcast

Besides the ten English and German mechanical engineering podcasts discussed in this blog post, the lecture hall series from Deutschlandfunk Nova and the engineering section on podcampus offer introductory podcasts for mechanical engineering students and anyone looking to broaden their horizons. There are even special search engines (e.g. and that help you track down podcasts about specific subjects, such as mechanical engineering, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Project management in mechanical engineering

Technical projects in particular, such as mechanical engineering projects, bring special requirements in terms of planning and logistics. That’s why project management coach Jörg Walter created a blog and podcast dedicated to the practical planning and management of mechanical engineering projects. Besides interviewing industry experts, Walter closely examines topics and matters such as “Why you need to set goals and how it do it” and “3 reasons why you should have a project filter”.

Website with all episodes from the Projektmanagement im Maschinenbau” podcast (in German only)
On iTunes

2. AI in industry

This relatively new podcast looks at the fundamental aspects and applications of AI in industry. Machine learning projects at mechanical engineering companies and AI are the specialisms of Peter Seeberg, who co-hosts this weekly podcast with Robert Weber, a trade journalist for industry matters. Other focal points include AI applications, standards, training and development, make-or-buy decisions and ethical demands for AI in manufacturing.

Podcast website: (in German only)
On iTunes


“” is a podcast produced by the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT). Those of you who know KIT will have already guessed that these monthly podcasts discuss current research topics, particularly to promote an understanding of the research work involved. The aim behind “” is to enable listeners to “hear research”, with renowned radio journalists and podcast hosts working alongside scientists at KIT to create enjoyable, insightful content and really set the scene using voice recordings, soundscapes and effects.

Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) website
Click to access the feed or download episodes (in German only)

4. The Modellansatz podcast

Another podcast from KIT that may well be of interest to mechanical engineers and engineers in general looks at how scientists work and what inspires them. Dubbed “Modellansatz” (“model-based approach”), this podcast is a series of discussions with researchers, scientists and teaching staff about their profession in mathematics. With no other discipline likely to have more or more diverse applications, the methods used in mathematics form the basis for further research in a string of other fields.

Website of Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) for the “Modellansatz” podcast (in German only)
On iTunes

5. Allesnetz IoT podcast

Well versed in IoT, connected cars and smart mobility, Leonid Lezner has focused intensively on the world of interconnectivity and Industry 4.0 and provides his listeners with regular updates on these subjects. Lezner is a software engineer and project manager, and currently works for Volkswagen. Another podcast from Lezner we recommend you tune into is Firmenfunk”.

Go to “Allesnetz IoT” podcast website (in German only)
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6. Zukunftsarchitekten – the art of system engineering

This is a project management podcast specially created for people who want to push back boundaries, providing practical tips and ideas for successfully taking projects to the next level. A modern-day troubleshooter in project management, Maik Pfingsten shares his expertise and experience with his listeners. In his episodes, he particularly highlights the importance of looking at the entire value-added chain in projects and explains where stumbling blocks might be lurking to trip up project managers.

Zukunftsarchitekten” podcast website (in German only)
On iTunes

7. omega tau

“Just the right podcast for an engineer looking to relax.” We suspect this quote on the “omega tau” website perfectly reflects the aim behind this science and engineering podcast, which picks out topics corresponding to the exact interests of its engineering target group. With a mix of German and English-language episodes available, listeners across the globe can enjoy learning about the worlds of science and engineering.

Go to site with podcast topics covered by “omega tau
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8. Podcast for Makers (MakerCast)

“Podcast for Makers” is all about passionate people who work in CNC machining, welding, manufacturing, 3D printing and woodworking, to name but a few examples. The episodes reveal the fascinating stories behind these “makers”, who also get a chance to talk about their work. Be it in a production plant, garage or barn – every guest is interviewed right where the making and creating happens.

On iTunes

9. Resonator

“Resonator” is the research podcast of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, offering a collection of discussions about science, scientists and research. Each episode involves an interview with an expert on a particular topic, with lots of fascinating facts and interesting information shared.

Go to the “Resonator” podcast website (in Germany only)
On iTunes

10. Talking Industrial Automation podcast

The “Talking Industrial Automation” podcast is a must for anyone interested in cutting-edge manufacturing and processing, with episodes focusing on the latest trends in integration technology. This podcast is perfect for manufacturers, end users, customers, suppliers and system integrators interested in industrial automation. The content, available in English only, is provided by the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), an alliance of system integrators for industrial automation technology.

Go to the Talking Industrial Automation” podcast site
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