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The Evolving Engineeringtool: Testimonials from Real Users

The item Engineeringtool has revolutionized the way designers develop and create solutions with the item catalogue. Hear from real users on their favorite tricks, tools, and hacks within the Engineeringtool!

The prevalence of digital engineering in an Industry 4.0 world led item to put the power directly in the users’ hands. Even without a CAD system of their own, the item Engineeringtool allows users to create their own projects simply, with the extensive item catalogue, and directly in their own browser. If you haven’t started your project yet, hear from real users about how they’ve incorporated the tool to their design processes.

Exploring the engineeringtool: real testimonials from real users

How Digitalization is Changing Engineering

Try your hand at the item Engineeringtool and start the project design process now!

Tried and True – Hear the Testimonials

Compatible with all components in the item Machine Building Kit System, and more, the item Engineeringtool opens a world of possibility for users. The team at item Mexico spoke to real Engineeringtool users, exploring how they put the CAD software to the test and what their favorite features are. Let’s hear it right from their words:

Fanny Zamora Osorio, Sales Assistant for A SM, listed the benefits the item Engineeringtool has had for her team. Used to render proposals for carts, racks, or tables, especially “simple transport trolleys,” the software “allows customers to see what their project looks like, [especially] if they don’t have a design due to workload.” For A SM, the benefits don’t end at the simplification of the design process. The ergonomic assembly guide and the cutting and assembly guide have “proven to be extremely useful.”

Miguel Arellano, Sales Engineer for ADD, detailed his use of the item Engineeringtool. “Mainly used for the design of structures and racks with the intention of generating a Bill of Materials (BOM),  the Engineeringtool has changed our work on these projects by improving our BOMs to save on parts and accessories.” The ease of assembly and cutting and machining plans produced by the software allow ADD to create a thorough solution plan and ensure accurate material quantities before beginning the production process. Even further, the compatibility with traditional CAD software allows Arellano’s team to integrate profile and accessories with their own programs.

Continuous Improvement: Even on item’s Digital Tools

At the time of the interviews, one request from users was to integrate panel elements with the Engineeringtool to allow for more complete designs. Shortly after the interviews were completed, technical teams completed the panel element integration!

Now, the item Engineeringtool enables a fully digital process chain – from online designs and documentation through to coordination, purchase, and assembly. Users of the item Engineeringtool can now integrate closed panel elements into their designs – including panels made from plastic, acrylic glass, and polycarbonate – along with table tops in three different materials. Over 50 product variants are available. Thanks to the newly included panel elements, applications such as material-optimized tables, workshop trolleys, and machine cabins can be created in their entirety within the item Engineeringtool.

How will you utilize the item Engineeringtool?

This article is Part One in a three-part series focused on user testimonials for the item Engineeringtool. Future parts include in-depth interviews with item pluspartners and high-profile customers in the United States and Canada. To stay in-the-know and get notified when the additional parts are published, complete the box at the top right!


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