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Functional design programs and other tools for mechanical engineering

Plan all kinds of customized projects directly in your browser – and innovative features will save you time when it comes to documentation and ordering, too.

The functional scope of many CAD programs means they are often too complex for standard tasks, including the digital engineering of factory equipment, for example. When the item Engineeringtool – a free, online design program for mechanical engineering – was being developed, user-friendliness and improvements in efficiency were therefore key priorities. Intuitive operation and more streamlined processes offer significant time savings, including in relation to documentation and procurement. The free online tools offered by item go even further, however – whether you are looking to define profile machining steps, design ergonomic industrial work benches, or design, select and commission Linear Units, item provides the software you need to help you accomplish all these task


Fast, easy-to-use, and FREE

What will you create? The intelligent configurators from item are ideal for designing custom projects. Parts lists and 3D PDFs speed up planning and coordination considerably. What will you create with the item Engineeringtool, Machiningtool, or Work Bench Configurator?

Online design program for mechanical engineering, complete with plausibility check

The item Engineeringtool is a design program for mechanical engineering that can be used on any device with internet access and a web browser – you do not need any additional software, downloads or specific hardware to use it. In the online tool, which is constantly being expanded, components are placed in a 3D environment using drag-and-drop controls. Functions such as the integrated ProductFinder and automatic plausibility check when you place fasteners make the design task easier still. The profile machining steps needed for the fasteners are also added in automatically, saving even more time. By using the design program for mechanical engineering, standard tasks can be accomplished up to 94 percent faster than with CAD software. The generation of comprehensive project documentation, including an animated 3D assembly guide, and a direct connection to the item Online Catalogue offer even more added value.

Every design that is created with the item Engineeringtool and placed in the shopping cart is assigned a globally unique Cx article number, which can then be used to place an order with any item dealer. As a result, customers no longer need to deal with multiple article numbers – there is just one number for all tasks. This also means that sharing designs with colleagues, partners or customers is a really straightforward process. All you need to do is enter this article number in the Projectviewer – a piece of software that can be used to view projects and forms part of the online design program. This unique article number system and unrestricted availability of the software in the cloud offer everything you need for working collaboratively. The time-consuming process of transferring large volumes of CAD data and compatibility issues due to different software versions are therefore a thing of the past.

item Configurators for profile machining steps and work bench design

Defining profile machining steps manually is a complex process that is also prone to error. What profile machining steps are actually needed for a particular fastener? Are the gap dimensions correct? Both these aspects need to be considered in 3D CAD and in the derived drawings. And how do you work out the purchase price? This is exactly where the item Machiningtool comes in. With this tool, you can simply place fasteners and machining steps at the relevant profile. All the profiles in the MB Building Kit System are available in the Machiningtool. This tool makes the user’s work so much easier – and the search for the appropriate profile is a perfect example of this. Filters such as required length or maximum weight can be applied to reduce the selection of profiles in the MB Building Kit System accordingly. An integrated load calculator also shows the best profiles to use to prevent profile deflection and buckling. Finally, the free software automatically generates comprehensive 2D documentation for every project.

Assembly work bench design is also made much more straightforward by a specialist item configurator. Just like the item Engineeringtool, the Work Bench Configurator also has a working area with a 3D display where equipment can be positioned by drag and drop. Aspects such as optimizing material supply can be taken into account particularly effectively at the planning stage, because they are visualized realistically immediately. Intelligent functions and integrated rules systematically help users find a practical solution that they can then order directly from item Experts. Thanks to careful planning and long-standing relationships with its suppliers, item can guarantee supply availability, even in times of crisis.  Users have the freedom to implement their own ideas at any time, while preconfigured bench models make it even easier to get started. What’s more, there is currently no other software that offers the option of defining and visualizing an electrostatic protected area (EPA). This option ensures safety when it comes to work benches configured accordingly.

Using a practical online tool to select, design, document, and order linear technology

Online software for engineering tasks involving aluminum profiles, for profile machining steps or for work bench design for assembly are not the only options available in the range of free services offered by item. The item MotionDesigner® also makes it much easier to select and design automation solutions. The intuitive selection and configuration software for linear technology automatically requests all the relevant parameters, including speed, payload, stroke length and conditions such as operating time or area of application. Based on this information, users obtain the perfect combination of Linear Unit, motor, controller and other accessories (such as cables and control components) for their particular transport task in next to no time.

The documentation, including all technical specifications and CAD data for the Linear Units, is generated automatically. It can then be downloaded as the complete project documentation. What’s more, it can be transferred from the item MotionDesigner® to the item MotionSoft® commissioning software via a configuration file. The commissioning software adopts the defined motion profile and guides the user through the commissioning process. This involves testing the system independently and determining the optimal parameter settings for operating the Linear Unit. This makes the commissioning process particularly quick, straightforward and reliable. There is also a special support page where you can find helpful know-how about the item Linear System, with everything from webcasts and webinars to online training and FAQs.

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