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Working ergonomically using the item toolpanel® System

How the item toolpanel® System’s compatibility with the item building kit systems provides unlimited ergonomic solutions.

Whether in a conventional workshop or on an industrial production line, if you want to achieve efficient processes, you need to arrange tools and materials in way that is organized, space saving and – most importantly – in tune with ergonomic principles. The item toolpanel® System has been specially designed for precisely this purpose. At the heart of it is the dual-sided Groove Plate Profile 8, with 19 system grooves. Attaching relevant components from the Hook and Holder System to this is simple, meaning employees can position their tools and accessories entirely according to their own requirements. Another advantage of the modular item toolpanel® system is that all components are fully compatible with the item building kit systems. Completely coordinated solutions are the end result.

Achieving a three-part harmony of ergonomics in just a few steps

The first thing to mention in this regard is the item Work Bench System, which can be used to proactively counter one of the most common problems in manual assembly – the chronic back pain that can easily arise as a result of lop-sided posture. If, on the other hand, staff are working ergonomically at electrically height-adjustable work benches, they can adjust them to suit their height perfectly and switch between standing and sitting positions as necessary. In addition, the role of an ergonomic work chair should not be underestimated. This must also be steplessly adjustable to the individual, as is the case with the item Work Bench System, so as to ease the strain on the back of every single employee. Thanks to the end-to-end compatibility of the item toolpanel® System, its Groove Plate Profile can be integrated directly into existing or new ergonomic work benches.

The result is ergonomic harmony in three parts – individually adaptable and variable bench, chair and material organization. Ergonomics doesn’t mean having to compromise on the transportation of tools, crates and goods, either. The item SystemMobiles are remarkable for their low dead weight, high load carrying capacity and optimized chassis. There are four basic models in total, offering as many as 1.3 million variants. The SystemMobile L version is perfect for extending work benches. It brings the working materials as close to the worker as possible, enabling direct, ergonomic access. Other variants are also suitable for this, such as the mobile toolpanel based on SystemMobile T.

Working ergonomically in a wide range of areas

The item MB Building Kit System is the solution for all design and construction tasks in mechanical and factory equipment engineering. Its combination of aluminium profiles, which are as lightweight as they are stable, and easy-to-use fasteners (“screws instead of welds”) has been creating constructions for a diverse range of application areas for decades. With the item toolpanel® System, it is now possible to integrate tool stowage perfectly in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles. The same applies to the item Lean Production Building Kit System, whose Profile Tube System D30 has been specifically developed for use in factory equipment engineering in line with lean production methods. In any case, ergonomics and intralogistics are very closely linked, so integrating the item toolpanel® System is only natural.

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