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A sneaker store with a futuristic aluminium look

Discover a shoe shop in the heart of Madrid that boasts a rather unusual interior design.

Sivasdescalzo is a mecca for “sneakerheads” who want to get their hands on special & limited editions and remakes of vintage classics. This successful sneaker shop, which sells its products online and in store, tasked the design team at the Antoni Palleja Office to refurbish and redesign a spacious sales area located in Madrid’s city centre. The brief was that the interior should reflect the fashion retailer’s carefully selected and extravagant range of products – without drawing any attention away from them. Another aim was to preserve the special charm of the property – a former industrial workshop – whilst marrying it to the shop’s somewhat avant-garde range of trainers, which made the aluminium profiles from the MB Building Kit System the perfect solution. We have always focused on achieving a symbiosis of function and design.

Interior design – flexible and futuristic

Our aluminium profiles form the framework for the store’s shelves, but have also been stacked one on top of the other to form step-like structures and create display platforms for sneakers. Some have also been given a lick of paint – a spectacular sight to see. A prominent installation forms the core of the store’s design and also serves as a link between its two different levels. Various display areas are arranged around the installation to form an open and accessible floor plan.

As a result, the atmosphere of the space changes around you as you move from one area to another, taking in a new view with different lighting. This is all part of the architects’ plan to make shoppers feel as if they are on a journey. The end result speaks for itself, creating a store with a futuristic look that is in no small part down to the outstanding versatility of the MB Building Kit System. As they don’t come from an industrial background, the designers had initially intended to use conventional door and window profiles to create the wall partitions and display shelves. But then they discovered our aluminium profiles, and the team was won over immediately by how simple they are to work with and the numerous different ways they can be used.

A Spanish sneaker store that’s all the rage

All in all, the store’s high-quality design using item profiles perfectly reflects the Sivasdescalzo branding. Alongside international footwear brands such as Nike, Reebok, Vans, adidas, Puma and Jordan, the shop also sells products from world-famous designers including Rick Owens, Undercover, Yohji Yamamoto, Yeezy and John Elliot. One thing’s for sure – its products are a big hit with the customers. The company has reportedly built up its own community of more than 100,000 fans who all have a passion for collecting clothing and footwear that is anything but conventional.

The interdisciplinary approach to product design and inventive interior décor adopted by designer Antoni Palleja and his team means they are perfectly qualified to use item profiles in creative ways. They have kitted out numerous sport clothing retailers and previously completed a successful collaboration with Sivasdescalzo back in 2016, when they designed a new high street store in Barcelona. The design office, which is also based in the capital of Catalonia, has an international customer base. The team is always on the look-out for high-quality materials, clear structures and a purist look.

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