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How to ensure the best outcome and enhance flight safety

How to ensure the best outcome and enhance flight safety using advanced technology, cutting-edge training tools, and expert acumen.
Purpose-driven work simulating challenging flight scenarios that enhance public safety with the added bonus of achieving job satisfaction and having fun too!

Amy Parish is a project manager at UFA, Inc., a premier developer of Air Traffic Control simulation systems. She does exceptional work and enjoys figuring out solutions using advanced technologies like high performance 3D modeling and developing cutting-edge surveillance, weather, and flight data systems.

Parish enjoys her job and says that working in engineering can be lots of fun too, but what Parish appreciates the most while working in the engineering field is using her expertise to help people meet their needs. Creating and delivering solutions that make a difference and enhance people’s lives is what Parish finds most fulfilling in her career.

“My favorite part is being able to work with people to figure out a solution that works for them, being able to deliver it, and seeing what they are able to do with it,” Parish says.

Creating and delivering

Women in the engineering field such as Amy Parish, are connected to what is intrinsically interesting and meaningful to them and are not as easily influenced to pursue work in more “gender appropriate” areas as was more common in the past.

Current research shows that if work experiences involve meaningful societal content women would be more likely to enter STEM fields in general. When a person believes they are conducting purposeful work that has a positive impact on the world and reflects their individual values, it is more desirable to them.

“If I could give some advice, (I’d say) if this is something that you might be interested in, just go for it,” Parish says.

Challenges that women in engineering fields face are universal, and a true gender-equality paradox does exist in STEM pathways within education. However, men only outnumber women in two STEM fields, and one of those is in engineering.

STEM careers are not just for men. Changes in perceptions about what women can accomplish, personal experiences, self-driven interest, and individual attitude all play a major role in persistence and success while pursuing a STEM education and career choice.

Learning Experiences

Project Management has emerged as a discipline of high-level decision making. This is especially accurate in the engineering field as a core-skill set requirement for those working in the industry. This process involves identifying the problem, gathering information, analyzing alternatives, selecting the best one, implementing the decision, and evaluation of the result.

“Sometimes you just have to make a decision, even if it isn’t the right one, in order to proceed down the learning path,” Parish notes.

Parish employs critical decision-making skills daily throughout project management tasks. After careful consideration of given conditions and project constraints, Parish makes an informed decision and pushes forward with the realization that the decision may result in a positive or negative

Parish sees this as a learning opportunity. “It’s definitely always a learning experience – you’re always going to find something new, or some better way to do things.”

Delivering solutions and helping to better people’s lives provides Parish with great job fulfilment.

“It’s a great feeling,” Parish says.

Professional fulfilment is what we all strive to achieve. Working in careers that we find meaningful directly relates to our own job satisfaction. Our career choices should be based on greater individual intrinsic value of the work we like and want to do instead of what others define as what we should do.

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